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Friday, April 17, 2015

Yerington, NV to Rachel, NV...

Had a beautiful drive this morning along highway 95 to NV 6 to 93 and tonight we're here at the Little Ale Inn..such a cute place for being in the middle of nowhere!  

We're along highway 95 looking towards highway 395 near
the turn off for Bishop, CA...

Our favorite hotel in Tonopah, NV right Russell?

Highway 6 outside Tonopah...where we had lunch..

Loved the rest area on 6..so clean, big and spaces that looked like pull
through campgrounds..

Highway 375 towards Rachel, NV...love it!

The tow truck and a UFO!

Art on the building...
Where we are staying tonight...

This was an interesting piece on our rv walk...hmmm..on the
door it says Groom Lake Yacht Club..ok...

This is a good stopping point on the way to Cathedral Gorge..they have motel rooms, (trailers with rooms) not sure i'd want to stay in one, but it might be ok...since there's nothing else for another 70 miles or so..not even sure if there's anything there.. Their little restaurant/bar smells good, but we've got our own dinner tonight.  Not exactly a place you'd want to bar b q at but for $15.00 a night it'll work for tonight.  
A four spot rv park with electrical, water and good wi fi..go figure.  All four spots are filled so glad we got here 
early.  Tomorrow should be an easy day to Cathedral Gorge..if I can get a signal i'll post, if not don't worry...

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