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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cathedral Gorge to Ryan Kershaw State Park and now we're at Great Basin NP...

Happy 16th Birthday, Adam Kay!! 

Today our first grandson turns 16!  Got his learners permit yesterday, so a drivers license in 6 months.  He would have got it sooner but basketball got in the way.  Happy Birthday Adam!  I find it so hard to believe I have a grandson who's 16 as I still remember my 16th birthday like it was last week! Looks like we'll be seeing Adam and family this weekend, oldest son Bryan turns 42 on Sunday!  Hoping to get to see Eric and family too, as Eric's birthday was earlier this week. 

Had an amazing time at Cathedral Gorge...we left yesterday and headed back into Caliente and then a few miles to Ryan Kershaw State Park.  A woman we had talked to at Cathedral Gorge, said that Ryan Kershaw was her favorite park, even better than Cathedral Gorge.  So we pulled in, paid $15.00 for camping, made lunch for a picnic, unhooked and off we went.  The rocks are so incredible, looks a lot like Zion NP in Utah...so we're ready for an amazing experience! Drive about 1/2 mile and that's it...the road stops. uhhh...oh well so we get out take a little walk through the gardens and then to some horribly overgrown trail and turn around.  We spent a total of 7 or 8 minutes there and that's it...So back to the trailer, hooked up, and lunch in the trailer and off we go...so yes we spent $15.00 for  camping we didn't do, but really it was 1230 and so we decided to move on.  

We thought we'd move up the road to Echo Canyon SP where we had been the day before, but on the way saw Ely, NV was only 120 miles...well, Ely is near enough to Great Basin NP where we have been many times, so here's where we are for two nights.  With Ken's senior pass only $3.00 a night....and we love it here!  

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll head home, about 380 miles but we're gonna do it in one day! That'll give us a day or so to get ready to head to CA for the weekend.  

Again, shocking i have service here...but no pics till we get home....

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