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Friday, April 24, 2015

Trip to Gardnerville and Minden...

Woke up this am and I headed to Gardnerville and Minden Nv...about 50 miles from our house.  First headed to Walmart in Gardnerville and did some grocery shopping for the weekend.  Sunday we're having El Sombreros at Bryan's for his birthday so I got the stuff for that.  

The mountains were so pretty (wish I would have taken the camera)...it was snowing way up high and just a pretty sight!

I needed to go to Bank of America in Minden and talk to some people so that was done.  They sure seem alot nicer than the people in Carmichael..but of course to be fair it's been about 5 years since I've dealt with them..anyway, some paper work I've got to find and next week we'll go back.  Hmm..Tightwad Tuesday maybe....

Then I went back to Walmart and got my hair cut...driving me crazy so got out of there about 1430 and headed home...then time to cook some chicken and hamburger for Sunday so I don't have to do it then..

Tomorrow we'll head out and hope we can get over the summit...they're expecting snow..so we'll see...plan on taking Adam Sunday to the Outlets at Folsom..he needs a suit for the DC trip and there's supposed to be a store that sells them..and he has $$ from his birthday burning a hole...so Nike I'm sure and then who knows..if all goes well we hope to see Eric and family too...

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