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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A camping trip on the horizon!

Ken had a nice visit with his family in Ca.  Don is on his way back home today with daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Bella.  

I spent the last couple of days just cleaning and putting the house back in order after the kids.  

Today, Ken and I decided to head for Fernley to pick up a hedge trimmer so he could trim the Junipers out front..and trim he did!  

The trees before

The other two ...after..

Ken put together our new treadmill.  We had one in Weimar, and then took it to Winnemucca, but sadly it wore out after we got it here...it actually got pretty dangerous, as the machine would stop when you were running on it..not good. So we ordered this one from Walmart and put it in the kids room for now, when they come then we'll move it to the garage.  
The new treadmill...

Tomorrow we'll head for Carson City to a sale at Kohls...tennis shoes and new towels are on the agenda.  Probably a stop at Walmart for groceries in Gardnerville too..

We've decided Friday to head for Cathedral Gorge NV for a few days camping..we haven't had the Jayco out since we had it serviced so we thought why not take a few days and go.  About 360 miles from here.  Haven't been there before so figure let's check it out.  

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