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Monday, April 27, 2015

A visit with Eric, a trip to Folsom with Adam driving and Bryan's 42nd Birthday!

We left home on Saturday about 1000 waiting for the chain controls to be lifted over I80...made it no problem, stopped at Yuba Gap and ate lunch at the scenic view..

The view from the camper for lunch

and our set up for the weekend

Then we headed to Eric's house for a visit, as we had his birthday present from a week ago..caught him putting up new blinds they had ordered in their kitchen and then along the front of the house.  They look really nice...faux wood color...hopefully easy to keep clean.  

Eric's home brew....Sierra Madre Pale Ale..

His kegerator

This was a stout...no thank u ...but Ken liked it

Their new blinds...nice!

After a couple of hours visiting, we headed up to Bryan's house with the cabover on the trailer and were going to spend Saturday and Sunday nights there.  Had a nice evening visiting with them!  Sunday morning we got up, I made breakfast and eventually Adam and I left for the Outlets at Folsom. So into the truck we went with me in the passenger seat and him in the driver's!  He was a little tense at first (as was I) but he got the hang really quick...and all was good.  We got to Folsom, and I said "Well, I'll find u a parking lot and we'll pull over and I'll drive...."   Adam,   "Oh Grandma I got this...I'd really like to be able to say I drove to the Outlets." ....so he did...good job Adam!  He parks the truck better then Ken or me!  His first time! 
Folsom Outlets....Adam's first parking job
 After a few hours at the mall, we left and had a late lunch at Red Robin and then headed home, with him driving...all good..!  Had a nice night at Bryan's ...I made El Sombreros and Super Burritos..I picked up a cheesecake and we proceeded to enjoy the evening.  

While we were shopping, Cheryl had to work, and Bryan and Ken put up a security door on the front of Bryan's house..Looks really good, just sorry I didn't take pics of it!  

Adam and his Dad...found the suit at Von Huesen in the Outlets..
Bryan blowing out candles for his 42nd birthday

Bryan and Cheryl....so cute!

Adam, Bryan, Cheryl and Miss Mia

Ken, Bryan and me

Bryan, Ken, me and Betty...
 This morning, I let Adam drive to school...good job Adam!
Adam....getting ready to drive to school...

We headed home, got to Minden about 1300 and decided to stop and have lunch at the Carson Valley Inn...yummy!  So now we'll see what's up for the week ahead.  
Carson Valley Inn...23 ounce Sam Adams ($3.50) and half a carafe
of chardonnay...($4.00)...

Cheryl called while we were at lunch.  El Dorado Savings (hers and Adam's bank) sent Adam a check for $100.00 towards his DC trip....awesome!  Grandma Gardetto donated $100.00...three members of the PTA board at Golden Sierra donated $25 a piece and a friend of Bryan's at work donated $100.00.  Really nice to see that people appreciate a young man doing well and realize what an accomplishment this is to be invited to this conference....Thank you all!  She has a few more letters out there, so maybe there will be a few donations in the future...last payment of $1220.00 is due May 15th...Can't believe how time is flying!  

Our niece, Chelsea sent us a beautiful invitation to her graduation from West Point next month, which I am fortunate to be able to attend with Ken's mom.  So proud of her!!  

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