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Thursday, April 23, 2015

We're home...now some pics I didn't get to post!

We got home yesterday about 1600 from Great Basin NP.  Nice ride, weather interesting and even more so after we got home.  Think we got more rain in a couple of hours here in Yerington than we got all season.  So it was an awesome homecoming. 

Love to go but it is nice to have our little home to come back to even if it is only for a few days.  Saturday we'll head over the hill and spend Saturday and Sunday night at Bryan's house for his 42nd birthday.  

Adam has his permit, his driving instructor can't get to him yet but is supposed to go by the high school tomorrow and sign something off so he can get started driving with all of us. He wants to go to Folsom Outlets on Sunday to spend his birthday money, so I'll go with him and let him practice driving the Tundra....brave aren't I ?!   No he won't be driving in major traffic to start just some of the back roads..

The museum/ train depot at Caliente, NV

The view from our campsite

Cool picnic area

Inside the caves...grandkids would find a way to get lost!

Bathrooms made by the CCC..

Cool looking sky but nothing happened

Looking at the gorge from up top

The stairs from the top that still lead to the top of the gorge...
That's as far as I went..because you still go down from here...

Pioche Nv tramway..

Echo Canyon State Park..

Brand new campsites at Echo Canyon...
On the way to Kirshaw Ryan State Park

So beautiful...reminded us of areas near Zion NP..

If you look at the top of the mountain...2 people up there! 
Kershaw Ryan State Park..then it's snaky an overgrown after
these stairs..so that's what changed our mind and we
headed for Great Basin..

This is where we would have camped..which was nice..
just nothing to do..

Wheeler Peak in the distance

Our first night sight at Great Basin...

The nice sounding creek

We left early yesterday morning so went to the picnic area and
I made breakfast..

Cool dust devils on the way home..

Just love the weather

Sand Mountain NV...had a lot of good times there!
If this plays it's a video of the hoodoos in Cathedral Gorge..

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