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Monday, April 27, 2015

For those of you who believe...or don't...(We do)...

I took this pic of Adam just a few seconds b4 the pic below
with his dad...same camera same everything..honestly I thought the
pic was just blurry and I was disappointed...but...after the pic below
I think this was the energy (ma and popo)..coming into the pic...I know
some of u will think it's the flash or whatever..but it's only seconds away
from the pic below....and it's a point and shoot camera..hmmmm

If u blow this up (click on pic) u can see orbs on Adam and on the wall..
in the hutch behind them...

Cheryl's pic of Adam and Bryan...look on Adam's right leg next
to his hand..u can see a green hand next to his..holding his
hand as he begins a new chapter in life..driving and the
conference in DC...
For several years we went to Mule Days in Bishop, CA. Adam was about 2 when we went the first time.  At 3 we bought him his first chaps and hat...so obviously he was so adorable people noticed him. One was Jerry Tindell who taught the horse management classes.  We were in the barn and took several pics with Adam and Jerry...later on we processed the pics and Cheryl noticed the orbs...everywhere in the pics!  So yes , we believe!  I posted the above pics here and on Facebook...Cheryl noticed orbs right away, I am so glad she is "gifted" to notice these things....Love u Mom and Daddy!! I so believe you are here watching all of us!! 

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