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Monday, October 6, 2014

Our new tractor and Chelsea's Baby Shower!

Ken went over to Rio Linda to pick up our new 1925 McCormick-Deering Orchard Model tractor from our friend KC.  He had a nice time there as on Saturday night friends Brian Allen and family came to visit.  Sunday morning Ken and KC met up with our friend Tracy and then Brian and his son Austin met them at Perkos for a great breakfast.  They went back to KC's and loaded the tractor.  

I was home for the night and left yesterday and Ken came home yesterday (Sunday)...he drove the new Tundra and Loved it!   I picked up Adam and Mia...Adam was going to watch Tina (ninnys dog) so she didn't bother anyone at the shower, but she was fine...I spent the night at Bryan's and had a very nice time.  Met Ken in Sparks today so we could drop the Ford off at Dynamic Diesel  for one last repair...grrrrrrrrr.....

We left there and went to Custom Trucks in Carson City and are having step bars and the brake controller for the trailer put on next Tuesday...before we knew it again the day was gone!  Scratch that...the weekend and then today was gone!  Can't believe how time is flying!  

We have this tractor!!

Our 1925 McCormick-Deering Orchard Model!

Now where to put this beauty?!

My nephew Dusty and his wife Chelsea are expecting their first child near Thanksgiving.  This is really a blessed event as because of heart problems it was iffy as to whether doctors would even let her have a baby...but through them and the grace of God little Owen is coming along!  This family couldn't be more excited!  

Adam at the baby shower...he actually went to watch Tina

The happy parents to be ....Dusty and Chelsea!
and Baby Owen....

The ecstatic grandparents to be..Linda and Bobby

Chelsea and Mia

Some of the loot ..

More of the loot!  Baby Owen is set for quite awhile...

Linda and Lori...

Mia and Tina in Linda's pool....

Wendy and daughter Ursula...

More Loot!!!

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  1. I am so thankful that mother and baby are both doing great. Going through a high risk pregnancy can be scary. Just remind her not to become overly tired. We do not understand the importance of rest. So often we try to push ourselves way to hard. Good luck on all the vehicle work.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine