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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A day drive to Monitor Pass

Ken moved the tractor with the Dodge...not it's permanent home

We woke up this am and Ken said..."How about going for a drive today"...Never turned that down before so why start now...not that we didn't have anything to do...we have tons..but oh well..So we took a drive to Turtle Rock  Park..Markleeville, where we were a few weeks ago.  Wanted to make sure the campground was still open so that when we get Ken's Ford back we can take the Jayco on its maiden voyage for 2 nights.  We were worried that we'd go there and Dynamic Diesel would call..there is no service at that campground.  So we decided to hold off and go after we hear from them.  

Beautiful day for a drive, the campground is still open and of course Monitor Pass was incredible!  Had a picnic lunch near Topaz Lake and then back home. 

Saw lots of snowbirds heading south... Great day!  

Our beautiful moon last night!

Aspens along Monitor Pass...

Where we had our picnic lunch....Topaz Lake

Color in Yerington, NV

Harvested red onions!

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