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Monday, October 27, 2014

Fillmore UT to Colorado National Monument....awesome!

October 26th...We set the alarm so we could get up and out at a fairly decent hour..so we hit the road about 0830..headed for Colorado National Monument. It's not too far inside the Colorado border, we had been here before a few years ago and spent the night then.  The weather was rainy and cold so we didn't do any of the walks they have.

There we are with the big boys! 

We had a beautiful drive from Fillmore to Colorado National Monument!  Love the highway it's just breathtaking!  

The highway out of Fillmore UT so nice not hardly any
cars except lots of RV's ...

I love Utah!


Ghost rock

So pretty...and downhill!

Spotted wolf canyon overlook...
Utah does a beautiful job with their
rest areas and overlooks..

And there we are, ready for the tractor!

Spotted wolf canyon..

Got here to the Monument in the afternoon. Not alot of people camping so we were able to get the same spot we had a few years ago!  It's right near the edge of the mesa and we have awesome views of the city of Fruita right below!  
No fires allowed (only charcoal fires)..so that's the only drawback as a fire would have been nice!  Ken bar b qued an awesome pork roast for dinner and we just enjoyed our night.  Decided to stay one more night to get in a few walks..

The drive takes us to the top of that mesa!

We're climbing

The road...don't think my sister Linda would like this!

1 of 2 tunnels

We're still climbing

Like this Linda?

Or this one?

Where we're still climbing.....

Our campsite...Bryan..dad brought the bonsai tree..on the table.

From our campsite...

Near the visitor center....

Our nighttime view!

October 27th...Set the alarm for 0600 so we could take our time this morning, computer, breakfast etc.  We set out for our first hike (well walk really) called Otto's trail..It's a little trail that take you out to the furtherest point out on top of a mountain and you can see so many of the monoliths in the park!  Just an incredible view!  

Independence Monument...Every fourth of July someone
climbs this and plants a flag at the top!

Can't really tell with the picture..but Ken at the edge of the cliff
because boys will be boys...

John Otto and his wife..only for a few weeks..she didn't like the
living conditions...

John Otto is the person who rallied for the monument to be
made a national park or monument...

A view from the viewpoint

Looking down into the valley below

The viewpoint..

After dropping the truck off at camp we walked through the tent campground and out to Bookshelf viewpoint and then took the trail to Window Rock viewpoint...after that we walked the rim trail that takes you over to the visitor center and back to camp...Lunch and now we're inside the camper as the winds are up and it's cold outisde!  Right now we are the only ones in this loop but that's ok, looking forward to another great evening here.  Tomorrow we drive on..not sure how far, but so looking forward to the drive along the river!  

Ken at Bookshelf viewpoint

Looking down into Fruita and the Colorado River

Window Rock...

A view on the rim trail...

Another view from the rim trail ....

And a last picture from the rim trail walk...totally awesome!! 

We got in for free (normally $20.00 for a 7 day pass) to the monument because of Ken's America the Beautiful Pass..(senior pass) ...Camping is $20.00 a night but because of the pass 1/2 price...where else can you camp in such a beautiful place for $10.00 a night??
Well, except another National Park or monument! 

To quote one of my favorite people (Irene Real )....."Now THIS  is America!"....so so true!! 

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