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Thursday, October 16, 2014

1 tractor in it's home....one to go!

Tuesday the 14th we got up early and left here around 0615 as I had an appointment in Reno at 0840..we got there in plenty of time.  Then visited Cabela's and believe it or not we didn't spend a dime!   Headed to Carson City and Custom Trucks to have the steps and trailer brakes installed.  To kill a little time we took a walk and ended up at Kohls..didn't spend anything there either!  Across the street to Penneys..and we continued our streak...no $$ spent!  

Our sunrise on the way to Reno

On our walk in Carson City..Ken spied this and really wanted it!
Notice the gun on top!!

Headed back to Custom Trucks and within a few minutes our truck was ready...really like the step bars on the truck...kinda funny, when we saw them the week before on display we both thought....nice...we don't really need them for the back doors as we really don't carry people other than gkids and they don't have a problem getting in...so when they brought the truck around the bars went from the front door all the way back...WHOA...that's not we were supposed to get...even though we paid the same price we were quoted...how did that happen..well, I told Ken it's ok I like them anyway...the guys were doing some testing on the trailer brakes and it hit me...the display was shorter because that's all they could have inside..turns out Ken figured the same thing at the same time...duhhhh...glad we didn't say anything to them as we would have looked pretty stupid...

Not the best pic as I didn't get one before Ken put truck in garage..
But we really like these!

Wednesday, we mostly stayed home (other than my trip to the grocery store in town)...Ken worked on getting the tractor situated in the place where he could get it off the trailer.  

Ken setting up the rolling off of the tractor

Dodge did a great job getting it where it needed to go!

Thursday, the 16th...Ken got the tractor off the trailer and to it's permanent home in the yard. Lots of work involved in order to have it roll, but not roll too much as it would have gone crazy if he didn't use a comealong and the Ford..very impressive my hubby!  

Ken working with the comealong so tractor wouldn't roll out of

It's going!!!!

It's HOME!!!

Not only that, he got the camper on the Ford so we'll be ready to leave soon for our TN destination!  Then one more tractor to bring home and put in place!  

Camper on the truck...ready to roll for the next month or so!!

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