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Friday, October 17, 2014

At home Friday...fall is in the air!

Sitting in the living room yesterday evening it was really cool so Ken started a fire...so nice to have that woodburning fireplace one of the best projects we did last winter!  Love the atmosphere, watching the flames and the wonderful heat that comes out of it.  Actually, while I was posting again tonight...fire started again!! 

Got up today and Ken had a couple of projects in mind..change oil in the 
Ford for our upcoming trip to TN! woohoo...He also has the yellow box on the trailer so he decided to go to Tru Value and get a lock and padlock to put on just to "keep the honest honest"..he got that done!  

So I needed a project today too.  Actually I kind of knew what I wanted to do so started it and mostly finished it today...my lizard buddy..NOT was hanging out at the end of the walkway to house so I decided to finish it in the am when it's still cool outside and hopefully he'll leave me alone!  

The wood around the decking out front looked pretty bad, so scraped and painted it with a redwood paint..looks so fresh..of course now the decking which is that tek deck stuff (no we would never have picked that..was already here when we bought the house) looks really faded..so have to think on that one, research and see what we can do to freshen it up...another project for another day...

Update...I had the before picture of the siding..uploaded it somewhere..but not to iphoto..so don't know how to get it..u can really tell the difference if I knew how to work it..oh well...

Siding of the deck after...

Here again near the front door...

My tomorrow project..see the front of the black stuff..that's where
the little devil hangs out..uhhhhh

I asked Ken what he wanted for dinner...enchiladas and coleslaw..so I went to Scolari's in town and got what I didn't have..spent the later afternoon making that for dinner...should be yummy!  

We bought a chair for the living room last week but since they didn't have the color they ordered it for us and called today and it's in!  So in the next few days we'll go get it in Reno..hopefully later this week we'll be leaving on our trip! 
Our sunset this evening over Ken's favorite mountain..

Eric and family are in Chico this weekend for BMX racing.  Chris posted that Seth had 2 A's and 4 B+'s for his grades..8th grade...Congrats Seth!

Adam called last night and said he had a 4.2 grade average.  He is starting the drivers ed part of his driver training in the next few days!  Congrats Adam!

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