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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Busy day in Yerington...

Alarm went off at 0515..we are trying to get up earlier these days..just because.  I wanted to be outside early this am to finish painting what I started yesterday so after watching two episodes of Pioneer Woman headed out at 0730.  

Only took about an hour and it was finished (without the help of my lizard buddies)..while I did my thing Ken went out and burnt the piles of tumbleweeds etc he had been collecting all summer.  Do have to say for a bit there the neighborhood was pretty smoky but all disappeared within a bit.  
Finished project..In real life, not that bright red...

Ken watching the burn pile this am...

After finishing the painting, came inside and did some cleaning.  After lunch I went out to the 23 foot fifth wheel and did a little cleaning.

All this time Ken was working on the 20 foot car hauler that we will be using to bring back the tractor from Don's house in Tennessee...but at the rate Ken is going I don't know that there will be room to bring the tractor back with us...he keeps finding stuff he "needs" and the trailer is filling up quickly!  

Because it was so good last night, decided to do it again
Chicken enhiladas....

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