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Monday, January 7, 2019

Breakfast with neighbors, movie watching and veggie lasagna

Sunday morning we got up at about 0500 and turned the coffee on to perk.  Did our visiting with our blogging friends and got ourselves ready to head for Dini's and some breakfast visiting with Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Stacey's mom, Susan.  Had a lovely time and before you know it was time to go so some of the wait line could sit down! 

We came straight home and then I left Ken at home while I ran to Raley's to pick up a few things. 

The wind was howling about 1300 and it was really cold outside.  Ken came in and actually sat down. He'd had enough. I grabbed a little lunch and joined him.  John had given us the cd series of Lonesome Dove (which we'd watched some) so the afternoon was spent being lumps on a couch watching cowboy movies :)  Around 1700 we had a surprise visit from John and Karen bearing goodies, fresh eggs and a big piece of brownie she'd made. They visited for awhile and then headed home to get some dinner. 

We had our dinner and then bedtime.  

I saw on FB that Eric and the boys had gone up country to play in the snow yesterday so I stole a couple from Facebook. 
Mason and Seth having fun in the snow

Seth's Jeep did really good in the snowstorm..

This morning (Monday) we slept in until after 0700!!  Coffees, blogging and a little piece of brownie and we were ready to get the day started.  Yesterday on Pioneer Woman she made a zucchini, mushroom and spinach lasagna so I thought why not today?! That's how i spent my morning making it up..Looks yummy, we'll see in a bit how it tastes. No noodles, the zucchini strips are the noodles. 
The layering process...

It looks delicious 

I took Karen an egg carton, gloves John left and the cds they loaned us. Turned into about an hour visit.  Ken worked on his checkbook and stoking the fire here at home. Time to wind down the day now. 

Have a good evening.  Looks like we're running into Reno tomorrow for some running around :0 


  1. Sounds like good days in your neighbourhood too except it's too cold! :)
    Your lasagna looks yummy!......I like the 'no' noodles but Bill wouldn't like the replacement zucchini and spinach.
    The kids are having fun in the snow.....and they can keep it. :D

    1. Yes, I agree it's too cold! Ken will usually try the things I make and he likes it normally. To be young again and enjoy the snow!

  2. Nice to be lumps on the couch once in a while. Keep warm there and soon you can head south again.

    1. It was a nice day on the couch as we don't doit often. Yep we're hoping to be heading that way for a bit.

  3. The lasagna looks wonderful. My friend makes her lasagna with either egg plant or zucchini instead of noodles too.
    Looks like the boys had a great time in the snow.
    Stay warm!!!

    1. I think i've only had eggplant once, probably should try it again. Teens do see m to love the snow and playing in it.

  4. The lasagna looks good I know I would love it not sure I could convince Tom to try. I will have to plan it when I have leftovers for him...lol
    Looks like the kids had fun in the snow...Glad to see it from afar. Our daughter just called to tell Tom he is getting his money's worth of snow removal they really got dumped on. Stay warm. See you soon.

    1. Ken actually loved it and he always tries most everything I make (not the sweets) and usually likes it. Some things I will add some ground turkey to his, but this didn't need it. Oh boy, bet you're not missing the snow for sure!