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Monday, November 19, 2018

Happy 17th Birthday Jacob! A start on Thanksgiving cooking...

Saturday morning I sat the alarm for 0445 so I'd make sure I had plenty of time to get to Highway 50 and 89 to meet Eric.  We had our coffee and regular morning of visiting with friends.  Showers and breakfast and I was out the door around 0730.  

I stopped for gas in Gardnerville and then headed on. I really only beat Eric to our parking spot by 5 minutes or so.  We chatted a few minutes and said our goodbyes.  Mason and I headed for Minden and Raleys.  I had two prescriptions to pick up.  Then it was on to Mc Donalds for him, because shocking, this teenage boy was hungry!  I told him he was a cheap date, 3 chicken sandwiches and a Dr Pepper.  $4.29 out the door..(bless his heart)..haha. 

We travelled on and headed for home.  Got here and Ken just beat us by a few minutes. He had gone to Gardnerville himself to check out chain sharpening and getting the Honda generator fixed. 

In time for lunch for Ken and me.  He had a sandwich and for the first time since our anniversary in September I had a "sandwich" .  Almond flour 90 second bread and it was delicious. 

My "sandwich" 90 second bread made in the microwave..
tastes pretty good!

Ken bar b qued some chicken and I sat outside on the swing with him. Mason was in his room, playing Playstaion 4 with online friends. Amazing isn't it?! A little later Karen texted and said they had a fire going so the 3 of us headed over.  Lively conversation dominated Happy Hour and a little later we headed home. 

I made some mashed potatoes and green beans to go with the chicken and everyone seemed to like it. Some tv and a little later, bedtime!
Saturday the 18th was our Grandson Jacob's 17th Birthday. Happy Birthday Jacob! His dad posted these pics on FB so I had to steal them.  

Jacob at 17..gotta love that smile :)

Jacob and his dad probably 2005 or 06
when we all used to go atv ing..

This morning (Sunday) we had our coffees and then Mason came in to say good morning. He wanted pancakes, so after a bit I got that started along with some bacon.  Cleaned up and did some things and then he and I headed to Raleys for a few things.  He is an only child while at Grandma's so I do like to spoil him a little bit ...haha.  

A quiet afternoon until we headed next door to check out John and Karen's bedroom project.  Coming along nicely and we helped her "burn" the wood a bit. 
Chicken, green beans and homemade mashed potatoes for the boys. A little more tv and now time to say goodnight! 

After waking up at 0230 I finally fell back to sleep around 0400 or so and then Ken got up at 0500 and started the coffee.  Today was a cooking day for me to get a head start on Thanksgiving.  I got a couple of pork roasts in the crock pot, some cheese and beef log cut up. Also got some stuff prepped for stuffing. Tomorrow morning i'll put the ham in the oven and tomorrow night put the turkey in the oven overnight.  We'll take it with us over the hill and then at the RV Park get it cut up and ready for Thursday.  

Ken got the propane tank filled and got more wood on the front porch. With these cold temps we've been going through it pretty fast.  Normal mornings are ranging from 15 to 17 degrees.  It does warm up nicely in the afternoons to about 55 or so.  

Our youngest son, Russell with his friend Ken supporting
the Candango Fundraier at River City Brewing.  Russell and Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts
donated some goodies to the raffle. 

Great nephew Owen was the ticket puller for Ken..
My sister said he was disappointed because they
didn't win a prize :(

Great niece Cassidy is a Raiders fan just like her
mommy and daddy..she was happy they finally
won a game..

Have a good evening everyone! 


  1. Say hello to folks for us on Thanksgiving.

    Also, maybe you can get Cassidy a new knit cap for Christmas.

    (Check my name. ��)

    1. I assume Ken will pick Vegas lol.

    2. There is no Vegas for Ken ever again, Reno too for that matter now that we are East California! I clicked your name LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. Always busy this time of year..but guess that's a good problem.

  3. Sounds like you are preparing quite the feast. Great family pictures and yes your grandson, Jacob does have a great smile. What fun would it be to spend time with a grandkid if you couldn't spoil him...lol Enjoy!

    1. When we lived in California and my mom couldn't host anymore we always did. So now that it's at my sister's I like to help out as much as possible. That's the whole purpose of grandchildren isn't it ?! hahah.

  4. You busy as always getting ready for Thanksgiving celebrations and lotsa food. Happy Birthday Jacob and Cassidy is a such a sweetie.

    1. Yep gotta have the food, so we can stuff ourselves haha. Thank you..she gets cuter by the minute kinda like your little granddaughter!

  5. Happy belated birthday to Jacob, that handsome young man with a great smile!
    You will be ready for a huge dinner, such a good little chef you are!
    Cassidy is adorable and Owen too.

    1. I know you like that smile of his! Dinner was delicious.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! Sounds like dinner will be fabulous with all that cooking going on.
    Love the pics of the Grands!
    Take care!