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Thursday, March 29, 2018

West Memphis Arkansas to Clarksville, Arkansas, Spadra COE!

Had a nice night at the West Memphis KOA. It was so humid and warm we left the trailer's fan on all night.  We didn't have to have a/c but had to move the air.  We woke up this am to rainy, warmer temps.  
Our RV walk last night..lots of water

A see saw Ninny! 

Nice little playground for the kiddies..

Started the coffee at 0600 and then enjoyed catching up with blogging friends. We see many are moving closer to their home bases.  Breakfast, showers etc and we were on our way.  
Water, Water everywhere in Arkansas..

White River

High and Proud in Wynne, Arkansas..

GIP led us to highway 64 west and we continued on that road until Conway, Arkansas. We love highway 64, lots of it is 4 lane and when it's not it's a beautiful 2 lane road. Lots to look at and photograph. At Conway we  bit the bullet and got on I 40 for about 50 miles or so. Not too bad of a drive. 
it'll be awhile before this farmer can plant his field!

I just love the name...Beebe..

Loved this Cowboy Church in Conway,  Arkansas..

Their student ministry..

We pulled into Spadra Corp of Engineers campground just before 1500..which is the way we like it!  Found the perfect site and started to get set up. Brian, the camp host came by and we had a nice chit chat. Very friendly.  

I ate here in 2008 w Bryan and family and Ken and I have
eaten here too..Yummy food!

Our view ...:)

Can't beat the site and the view :)

We've been here several times as it is close to Clarksville, Arkansas..near and dear to my heart.  We have electric and water, showers and a dump station all for $8.00 a night with your Golden Age Pass (16.00 without)..and it sits right on the Arkansas River with amazing views. If you don't like trains going by, then it's not for you, but doesn't bother us a bit! 

We're here for two nights and the weather should improve. Actually other than leaving the KOA this morning we've had no rain that counts.:)  

Thank you to all our Vietnam Veterans! 

Below is the 2nd part of our trip to Shiloh.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day as we have! Enjoy your evening :) 

Shiloh National Military Park ....Part 2

11.  Shiloh's Casualties..One of five known mass graves where many of the 1728 Confederate dead were buried. 

12..Jones Field..Union forces rallied here at noon on April 6th mounting a counter attack the briefly checked the Confederate offensive. Next day the Union troops drove them from the field. 

13..Water Oaks Pond..Desperate assaults Gen Beauregard hurled through the pond on April 7 failed to halt Grant. Beauregard withdrew his army to Cornith. 

14.  Field Hospital..Here Federal surgeons set up on the first tent hospitals of the Civil War. Care was improved and the death rate lowered. 

15..Death of General Johnston..Struck by a stray bullet, Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston died in the ravine. 

16...The Peach Orchard..Sarah Bell's orchard was in full bloom when Confederate troops attacked Union forces on April 6. Union forces took the field the next day ** New Peach trees are being planted right now at the field**

17..Bloody Pond..Throughout the battle, soldiers of both sides came here to drink and bathe their wounds. Both men and horses died at the pond, their blood staining the water. 

 18..Dill Branch Ravine, Wooden US gunboats Lexington and Tyler, anchored opposite the mouth of the ravine to support General Grant's defense of Pittsburg Landing. 

19.  Grant's left flank..Here Union artillery hammered the flank of Confederate infantry charging across the rugged area.

There is a large National Cemetery here, but time didn't permit..

A barge on the river..

 20.  Pittsburg Landing.. Gen Don Carlos Buell's Army of the Ohio arrived here on the night of April 6th to reinforce Grant. 

We had lunch here..trying to imagine the troops and ships landing
here..was quite a hill to climb! 

 That ends our day at Shiloh.  Very glad we went as we were when we've seen Gettysburg, Vicksburg and some of the smaller battlefields. 


  1. You had very nice trade day love your campsite , enjoy your time there!

    1. Thanks George! We love the backroads as you do and this park is so nice.

  2. I love to read and see where you guys have been So nice !

    1. Thanks Renette, we are enjoying! Time goes too fast though!

  3. Nice campground and the price is right!
    Thanks for sharing the rest of the Shiloh pictures. Such a sad part of history.

    1. Yeah can't beat the price especially with all the amenities. Yes it is terribly sad. there's so much to take in!

  4. Wonderful looking little spot you're parked in for a couple of nights. Great price too.

    I found when I visited some of the civil war sites, Andersonville, comes to mind immediately that the sadness was overwhelming, the details too much to take in all at once. Like you and Ken I had a hard time imagining some of the details on the placards being carried out. Not that I doubted them in their authenticity but my mind just couldn't see it. The difficulties those 'details' would present even today would seem impossible back then and yet they managed. Thanks for sharing the remainder of the visit.

    Enjoy your stay!

  5. That really looks like a wonderful site, enjoy your time there.

    Just went through all your pictures of your visit to Shiloh National Military Park. Thank you for sharing your visit. It is a sad part of our history but it is our history and something we should not forget.

  6. It was a great site right on the river! Shiloh is so sad, but you're right it is our history. Hope they still teach it in school..but you never know..

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