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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Saguaro East was incredible! 1 more night in Tucson!

This is definitely a Picture Overload warning...If you don't like cactus..don't read too far.  The Saguaro National Park is awesome and definitely worth the visit. I'm glad we saw both East and West as they both are amazing! God did a wonderful job! :) 

We noticed this morning that more people were parked in the other parking lot than had been before. While I was making breakfast Ken walked up to the security area at the hotel and asked if it was ok if we stayed another night.  He was given the ok and back he came. After he came back we noticed that there was a semi coming in and parking with some kind of food inside.  Then a truck came in hauling porta potties. He walked over and talked to another security guard who said there was an event going on starting tomorrow and that we should move to the other parking lot. No problem, just too bad the other guy didn't say the same thing. Glad we didn't leave for the day and find we couldn't get out in the am. 

So we found ourselves a nice space and finished getting ready to leave for the day.  I made sandwiches again for a picnic lunch and we headed out. We needed a few things from Fry's so we stopped at a nice one and got our stuff.  I had to use the restroom so left Ken with the groceries checking out. We met in the parking lot, sure took him a long time. Turns out the checker obviously didn't know what she was doing. He told her our phone number and after several times she told him to put in the number but it wasn't the screen to do it on. Eventually he got checked out and she gave him a refund of $7.60. When we got home I figured it and it should have been $11.00 or so. She got him and because we need to be at Camping World at 0900 we won't do anything about it. Next time I'll stay with him..haha..

* click on pics to enlarge* 

Desert Diamond Casino..Love the Saguaro all in a circle. 

The intersection was so big, this was what they had to use
to hang all the signal lights! Awesome! 

High and Proud! :)
Boneyard near the Air Force Base

There were hundreds of these planes! 

There's a house on the hill with these cactus! 

Visitor Center Parking

After that we headed to Saguaro National Park East.  OH my goodness!  Cactus overload. We started at the Visitor Center.  What a beautiful setting it's in. They have a nice walk you can take and learn about the different cactus and plants. We went inside and got a map and spent a little money.  

The Centennial Saguaro..alot taller than Ken..

Morman Tea

Linda (Ninny) this might work for you..maybe health food store
or online.. 
Staghorn Cholla

Along the walkway..

Beautiful walkway to the side of the visitor center. 

Gluten Free Flour...wow..

This is the mesquite..

Out the Visitor Center

Out the Visitor Center

Then we started the 8 mile drive loop. OH MY! The Saguaro and the drive were incredible. My camera wouldn't quit! At first we thought it wasn't as impressive as West, but it was!  We pulled into the Mica picnic area and took the road down. Ken ended up with two burrs in his fingers from picking up the  fruit of the Teddy Bear Cholla off the ground. Nasty! They didn't pull out easy! We found ourselves a picnic table and had our lunch, same as yesterday. YUM. We talked with a few people while we were there. A couple who are from Florida and on the road for at least a year who were loving their adventure. Another family from North Carolina that had come out to check things out. Always such nice people on the road. Love it! 
Never saw this before..bikers beware

Oh oh..regular speed limit on this road is 15 mph..:)

There were a lot of young Saguaros in the first part of the drive

As big as a tree! 

This one looked a little scary..brown

Tons of fruit on this one!

After lunch we took the rest of the drive and then stopped at another picnic area at the end of the drive. We had a beer and a glass of wine and just enjoyed the view. A man drove up on his bicycle and said, "Got any more wine?" We didn't but we had a nice conversation with him. He had to be in his 70's somewhere and he rides bikes all over. Lives in Washington state and snowbirds here in the winter. Very interesting gentleman. 
Crazy huh?

Rincon Mountain..8666 foot! 

Thought this was so cute..tailgate for 5th wheel..love the arrows
and the heart :)


The Ocotillo are so big and beautiful here! 

About 12 foot tall!! 

After that we headed home, stopped to get gas on the way. and here we are for another night. 

What a great time we've had for a few days. I could see spending more time next year as we didn't get to the Air and Space Museum and other suggested places. Just not enough hours in the day and we want to make sure we have plenty of time at Don's and everything else we want to do.  So after Camping World we'll continue East wherever this adventure leads us. 

Good Wednesday morning! We up and having our coffee and tea visiting with friends. We're getting ready to take the truck and trailer over to Camping World to get the weight distribution hitch put on and then we'll be on our way east! 

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. Another fun day , love the crested saguaro .

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Saguaro National Park. How can you not with all of those amazing beauties. You found another crested saguaro, aren't they interesting? So 'fancy'.
    We enjoyed the Pima Museum and Boneyard tour last year very much. Worth going to next year.

    1. We have the Pima Museum on our list, just not enough days. Loved the parks gotta say!

  3. Now I know what a 100 year old saguaro looks like. And you saw a crested one too! Lots of the saguaros looked older than 100 based on the length and number of arms. Tucson is surrounded by these two big parks.

    1. I'm thinking a lot of them were too older than 100. It is an amazing park! So glad we got to see them.

  4. Loved all those cacti pictures. They are so unique once they start to grow arms. Ken is a brave fellow getting so close to the Teddy Bear Cholla!!!

    Good luck tomorrow. Safe travels.

    1. Ken said he's not brave, just stupid haha..Thanks I just can't help myself with the pictures..

  5. Loved your pictures of all the Saguaros. How great that you got to see a crested one? Happy to see a couple pictures of the Ocotillo they are my favorite desert plant. Again thank you for taking us along for the ride.
    Sounds like you have had a very nice stay.
    Hope everything went smoothly at Camping World. Safe travels.

    1. I loved the crested one, but glad you enjoyed the Ocotillo, I find them amazing and they were so tall at the park.

  6. Totally enjoying your posts- so much so I forgot I was at work until the phones started ringing! Someday....
    Love you both! Ano

    1. Aww that's sweet Wendy. glad you are enjoying and even figured how to be Wendy, not anonymous ! Love you too!

  7. That was a lot of saguaro pictures but they were good ones ... and you even got a picture of a crested saguaro! We love spending time in that area when we are in Tucson. I hope everything goes well at Camping World. Safe travels.

    1. That's why I have to warn people i tend to go overboard :) Not near as good as if you'd have taken the pictures, but better than nothing.

  8. Great cacti pictures. I love them! You got to see a crested one too!
    Hope things go well at Camping World.

    1. Yes i was all excited to catch that picture of the crested..Love that park!