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Monday, March 19, 2018

Catch up once again! A trip in the country to Top Guns, Amish and back to the cabin! Family Sunday!

Saturday morning the 17th we got ourselves out of bed and did some more visiting.  Don wanted to take us out to Top Guns Arms which is out in the country. We all loaded into their car and got ready for a beautiful drive.  How he ever found the place I don't know but he did (actually he and Ken were out there last year).  A lot of people there too! We got out there and he and I purchased two raffle tickets a piece. A local firefighter lost his life when fighting a fire a roof collapsed on him. The proceeds will go to his family that was left behind.  
ON the way out there's a atv riding place..not the same but like
Prairie City in the Sacramento area.  You pay to play..

Couldn't believe how many people were there!!

Ken and Dana at Top Gun

Top Gun Arms..

We left there and took a drive to the Amish country that was near by. We stopped in at one farm and Ken wanted some canned okra and I bought a jar of Elderberry Jelly.  Much better prices and not so commercialized as Pennsylvania.

An Amish Farm..

More Amish area..

More Amish too...

  A beautiful drive and we ended up at Tenn South Distillery.  We visited there last year and continued the tradition.  Took another tour of the little place and learned that's it's thriving and expanding.  They just opened another store in Nashville near the Florida Georgia Line bar in downtown. Near the Johnny Cash museum.  They're doing well and we're all glad to see.  Can't go there and not buy, so we did!  HA..
Thought this sign was too cute, in the bathroom..

Their newest machine for filtering vodka..Filtered through 3 levels
of pure platinum, each level the granuals are smaller.  One of the
owners of the distillery designed this unique machine..

ON the left are the filters..and eventually enters the huge plastic

Inside the front of the distillery..a nice selection for purchase..

Ken's brother Don holding his purchase.  He bought the vodka. 

Signs on the outside of the building.

The building itself..will be expanded shortly! 

After that we headed back to Don and Dana's place.  We had some crackers and cheese in the trailer and then decided to head back to the cabin at the back of Don's property.  Took a few beers for Ken and some wine for me.  We enjoyed watching the cows and just enjoying the peace and quiet along with the beautiful scenery!  After a couple of hours we headed back to the house as we knew Dana was cooking up something yummy (again) for dinner.  
Heading home from Lynnville, TN..

Another way into Don's property..See the 2 red buildings? Their
chicken coops..

Their little town of Cornersville, TN

Gotta love the green! 

Junior, the bottle fed calf!

Hi Junior!

The outhouse at the cabin

Inside the cabin..

Property out back..he has 70 acres total! 

The little cabin!

They're all wondering what we're doing!

Back to the house

Coming upon the house..

After dinner we sat around the table, drinking too much wine!  Near 2300 I finally crawled into bed (after almost crawling up the stairs..haha) Ken came about an hour later.  I slept so good that when I looked at the clock is was 0745!  Ken was already up along with Don and Dana.  Showers and breakfast, I was feeling a bit better and eventually went out to the trailer for a bit. Ken and Don checked out the fences on the property.  

About 1200 or so I heard a car in the driveway and it was our neice, Jennifer and her daughter, Bella coming to visit!  Had a wonderful afternoon just catching up with her.  It's been several years since we had seen them as Jenny moved out here about 3 years ago.  Dana cooked up a fabulous lunch of homemade minestrone soup, fresh homemade bread and egg salad!  So yummy again.  I swear I've gained 10 lbs in the last few days eating her good cooking! 

Jennifer left about 1700 and we went into the living room, watched tv and then Don showed us a couple of dvd's about the Battle at Shiloh.  We're thinking about going by the battlefield on the way home. It's off Highway 64 between here and Memphis.  

About 2100 we called it a night.  I know I needed a catchup night..haha.

We set the alarm for 0500 and I went to the trailer and took a shower, Ken took one in the house and then we had coffee in the trailer.  We needed to be in Columbia, TN for the truck's 55,000 mile service.  We left the house just about 0700 and got here at 0750.  Now we're at the Toyota dealer waiting to see if we need brakes or if we're ok to get back home before having that done.  

Perfect opportunity to get caught up.  Ken talked to his friend Clif, who lives in Crossville, TN so we'll head that way on Wednesday for a few days and then work our way back to Don's before we head home.  We need to be in Winnemucca before the 15th or so.  That way we'll get our taxes and make another sizable donation to the federal government. :((( 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and I'm trying to get caught up on all your blogs!  


  1. Nice to see you are enjoying your time there getting out and about, our home area is quite a bit of Amish country side so peaceful and lots of great items can be purchased there as well.
    Keep having too much fun.

    1. I remember that you guys frequent the Amish and Mennonite people. Good for you guys. We are enjoying. Probably have to start the trek home next week. Travel safe guys!

    2. Thanks guys.
      Yes we do Suzie is Mennonite in case you did not pick up on that. We have been in our way home since we left California 6 weeks ago.

    3. I did not realize Suzie was Mennonite. What a great way for her to grow up. Nice to be able to go slow on the way home.!

  2. I just love that country scenery and all the old buildings. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm guessing the cows were looking to you for a bit of wine sharing! Makes the meat tender you know!

    1. Thanks Dave, glad you enjoyed. I know I tend to go a little crazy but you never know when/if you get to come back again, except in the blog. Yeah I think the cows wanted anything we could give them!

  3. Love the views and pictures. The cabin is so cute. Enjoyed the cows, they are always so curious aren't they?

    Glad you're having a good time, even if you do have to crawl up the steps once in a while. Hahaha...


  4. Thank you Deb. The cabin was a perfect place to sit and enjoy the scenery here. So different than our desert back in NV. Yeah those darn steps! haha. Travel safe DEB!

  5. Love seeing those Tennessee homes along the roadway. I didn't even know the Amish lived in Tennessee. Put wheel on that cabin and you'll have a great trailer. The outhouse can be the toad. (:

    1. Thank you I know I tend to go crazy but I love those homes and barns. Yes there's a big community of Amish just about 45 minutes from here. haha..think I'll keep my little trailer..

  6. Sounds like you two have been having a wonderful time. Love all the pictures of the countryside. From your pictures it looks like Ken's brother and his wife have a beautiful place. What a cute little cabin. Funny what Doug said above because on our way to Phoenix last Monday we saw a similar cabin on wheels heading east on I-10...lol

    1. We do love it here, which is why we try to make it back once a year. That would be something to put that tiny home on wheels huh?!

  7. A nice visit with Don and the Amish countryside. What a cute cabin!
    Don has a huge property!
    Hope it works out with the brakes and you still have 3+ weeks to get home, don't want to rush it! :) That's what we are telling ourselves too! haha

    1. It's an adorable cabin, mennonite made! According to Toyota brakes are good so on we can go (with still a little money in our pocket). Their property is so beautiful! We love watching the trees bloom.