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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Shiloh National Military Park..on to Marion, Arkansas KOA.

This post is being brought to you from Marion, Arkansas KOA.  We had a wonderful day yesterday (Tuesday) at Shiloh Battlefield which I will share later in this post. 

Once we got back to camp yesterday at Pickwick Dam TVA we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  We stopped on the way in at the day use area on the Tennessee River.  There were lots of people fishing all along the walkway that was made for this purpose I assume. We people watched for a bit and then went bak to camp. Temps were perfect so we were able to enjoy the view and the campground by sitting outside for awhile. 

All the people fishing! Did see one person catch a fish..

Hope people heed the sign!

There's a walkway and that's where people are fishing..

Barge going up to the locks..

Love this park..

Our site and where we sat yesterday..

Nice to see there were several families with children enjoying the campground. It seems most of the times we go we don't see a lot of families out, but it's probably spring break for these kiddos. Great to see families spending time together without the kids faces always in their phones and devices.  

Ken bar b q ued some awesome burgers for dinner. We finally used the meat we had bought to cook Clif some burgers, but the weather hadn't cooperated that trip.  I cooked some tater tots that I had and we had a great dinner.  He put the movie "Man of the House" with Tommy Lee Jones in the dvd player and I fell asleep before it was over. We've seen it before and it's a good, cute movie! 

This morning we didn't get out of bed until close to 0700.  We knew we didn't have far to go today, so we weren't worried about it. Enjoyed the morning and pulled out just about 1100.  The park has a dump station so we dumped on the way out. It was a great park and we know we'll be back. 

We looked at the map and checked with GIP and decided on the way to head for Memphis. We took 57 to 72 and Northern Mississippi then in Memphis we hit I 240 to I 55. We only had to spend a few miles on the freeway which is awesome. Except for about 5 miles, 57 and 72 are 4 lane highways with hardly any traffic! It was a beautiful drive and we put about 135 miles behind us today.  We pulled into the KOA just about 1400.  We were able to secure a water/electric site for $31.15 out the door, using a $10.00 off coupon they gave us last time we were here a few weeks ago. Not exactly cheap, but it works for a night.  The price was actually $6.00 higher than what we paid a couple of weeks ago.  The park is FULL! Guess with everyone going home.  They've had some massive rain, so I'm sure some of their sites are closed I'm sure. More rain expected tonight, so we'll see what happens by morning. 

Did some laundry and took a little RV walk. Tacos for dinner so figured this was a good time to get this post going. Headed for Spadra and Clarksville, Arkansas tomorrow..at least right now. haha. 

**I was trying to post some camp pics..but they're not loading** maybe tomorrow..:)

Shiloh National Military Park

Now on to the Battlefield Tour.  I took a lot of pictures while we were there. We followed the auto tour and it was awesome.  The visitor center has a great movie with reenactment actors that you can see on the hour, it explains a lot of the battles that you will come across during the tour.  It's a 32 minute film, which is longer than most that we see at National Parks but well worth the time. Don, it was the same one you have, but we watched again to see if anymore would sink in..haha. I decided to put this at the end of the post, as it may not interest some people and now would be the time to quit and go do something different. Because we probably won't go back again, I wanted to put as much as I could on the blog.  So read on, or have a great night!  I've decided to do 1-10 tonight and hopefully 11-20 tomorrow or next post.  

* click on pics to enlarge* 

1. Grant's Last Line..The final position of Grant's line on April 6th..

They sure had some beautiful monuments..

2.  Confederate Monument..Where Confederate troops encircled and captured nearly 2100 Union defenders of the hornets nest. 

This monument was beautiful!

All the kids had maps and they were headed to the thicket..
either Homeschool or vacation..:)

3. Duncan Field..Union troops defended this position for 7 hours on April 6th
before giving ground. They retook it the next day. 

4.  Ruggles' Battery..When infantry attacks failed, the Confederates concentrated 11 batteries of artillery to bombard the position. General Benjamin Prentiss and nearly 2,100 Union Solders were captured. 

 The road we followed..

5. Shiloh Church..The log Methodist church that gave the battle its name. It burned down during the war and was reconstructed using 150 year old wood in 1999. 

Wooden dowels for door hinges...

Gotta admit we loved the church! Very impressive workmanship! 
He wasn't a Civil War Soldier, but loved the fact that he was Southern Proud..

6. Rhea Field..The 6th MS infantry sustained 70 percent casulaties..

7.  Fraley Field..Battle began at 4:55 am April 6..when Confederate pickets engaged a patrol. 

8.  Confederates Gain Ground..

9. Invasion of the Union Camps..Prentiss soldiers briefly defended their camps before retreating. Johnston's offensive stalled when his soldiers stopped to plunder supplies..

10.  Hornet's Nest...Named because of the hot and shell they faced here..parts of 3 Federal divisions defended this densely wooded area. 

That's it for tonight..11- 20 I'll do on my next post..but i'll warn you ahead.  Have a good night! :)


  1. Informative photos and narrative on Shiloh. Thnx for taking the time to put all that up on-line.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! We wanted something we could look back on and remember. It was a beautiful park!

  2. It is so sad when you hear of the casualties on both sides. Such a waste. A very interesting post.
    (Cheryl says hi!)

    1. Yes it's very sad, I can't even imagine. Thanks Dave!

    2. Thanks Dave, it was a very beautiful park..and yes, so sad.

  3. You are making good time and not rushing a very informative posting and nice pictures.

    1. Thanks George. There was so much to see at the park.

  4. Excellent post, I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing the Battlefield visit.

    Hopefully the rain stops soon. Safe travels.

    1. Thank you Deb! We're in Clarksville, Arkansas now and we got lucky..heavy clouds no rain! Travel safely yourself!

  5. Glad the weather cooperated for your tour. It's hard to believe that the Civil War really happened. So glad they have the Military Park filled with all this information for future generations to remember our past.

    1. I so agree, and it was nice to see parents with kids going through the park..hope it continues!