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Sunday, January 29, 2017

We're near Yuma for a few days...

Our view for the next few days...

We decided yesterday to go ahead and move down the road about 70 miles or so and look for warmer weather.  We're back near Mitry Lake and the LTVA area where we were last year.  It is a lot warmer, windy too! It's ok though, the way we have the trailer positioned it blocks a lot of the wind.  Supposed to be about 80 degrees here on Tuesday.  We're not sure how long we're staying, but we know we'll be back here for Super Bowl on Sunday as we've got good tv reception (haha)..

We paid $40.00 for a 14 day stay.  The $$ includes several other LTVA areas so we don't just have to stay at this one.  Here, they have potable water and dump stations.  We're thinking that we'll probably use the 2 weeks and then start heading back towards home.  WE'll have stops at Lake Havasu and Parker, AZ on the way.  Take care of some business (taxes, Dr appt) and then get ready to head towards TN. 

This morning we're heading to town and Walmart and then to check out 1 or 2 of the other LTVA's.  (Long Term Visitor Area)...

Leaving Quartzite yesterday..the top
of the BIG TENT

Yuma Proving Grounds on our way
to our camp

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