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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baby it's cold outside!

Yesterday and today have been freezing..and I mean below freezing!  This afternoon finally made it to 29 degrees for a short period..now it's working backwards.  

I got the curtains finished for the camper so we'll see how they turned out once we get a rod to put it up.  

My black eye peas and ham hock turned out awesome (if I do say so myself)..my daddy would be proud!  Now I know...i'll never throw a ham bone away again..hahah..only took me 61 years to figure that out..

Today we just took it easy..and then watched the Raiders game against the Texans..not good for the Raiders..but oh well..too cold to do much else! 

Don sent some pictures yesterday of their first snow of 2017..Cornersville, TN..just gorgeous!

I love this pic of cows in the pasture...( I think this is my favorite)

Don's cabin in the snow...

There's a gravel driveway under there..

Love this of the creek...

The back of Don's house..looks so pretty...

My Great Nephew Owen (Sonny) watching cartoons..
Our view at 1700 hours tonight

Our view...
Cheryl sent this..watercolors she did from scratch..modeled after
a picture she took from our trip to Humboldt College..AWESOME!

Another view of Cheryl's picture...

Adam's vision of Leonardo Dicaprio...he's got his momma's talent...
Tomorrow another home day and then Monday probably a Reno trip and Sam's Club to get batteries for the Jayco Trailer and other things...there goes the whole day..but that's ok!

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