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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Finally...back in the land of the living..I think..

Saturday morning, we decided to run to town and get some good snacks for the playoffs on Sunday.  So we headed for Smith's in Fort Mohave and then toward Lowe's to get some gutter to hold up the sewer hose ( I know, not fun)..but very functional.  

After that it was about 1300 hours so we decided to visit a Mexican place we had been at least once before so we knew the food to be good and reasonable.  It was delicious, although I don't usually order refried beans but forgot to ask for whole beans.  The refried were good, but salty.  After lunch we headed back to camp to enjoy the sunshine, as it was a beautiful afternoon.  By the time I got back, I felt like my lunch was sitting in my stomach like a pile of cement. uhhh..So we decided to get a little exercise and took a 1.7 mile walk to the river and back.  Came inside as it was cooling down and about 1845 I told Ken I was going to bed and that's where i've been till this morning (Tuesday) pretty much. I've never slept so much in my life.  It was horrible.  

Felt bad for Ken and the playoff's as we had all these good snacks planned..I thought I could at least make the homemade clam dip, which takes all of 3 minutes..nope..into the bathroom and back to bed.  I do have to say, today is starting off better..Now to find out what's happened in the world while I've been out!  

We originally were leaving here today and heading further south, but thinking we'll stay another day or two just so we can enjoy the travel. 

Eric threw Christina a surprise 40th Birthday party on Saturday, from what I can see it went really well.  Hopefully they'll post some pictures so I can steal them from FB.  

Looks like a beautiful day here, if not a little cool,56 for the high.. much warmer than Yerington 22 low, 35 high..yep i'll take this. 

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