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Monday, January 9, 2017

What a storm!

It's pretty amazing...we are sure we got a lot more rain in the last couple of days than we've ever had in the almost 4 years of living here!  Saturday night we had snow and yesterday all the rain washed it all away.  Yesterday it rained all day it was something!  So we just stayed in and and watched football and enjoyed a cozy fire all day. 

We had planned on going to Reno today to get batteries for the Jayco.  Hoping to leave here next week and head towards Arizona.  We've decided against that because of flooding in Reno and surrounding areas.  So one day later this week we'll do that.  We're heading for Walmart in Gardnerville later this morning.  We bought a new sewer hose for the cabover but turns out it's not the kind we want.  So we'll take a drive and hopefully be able to get the right one..some groceries too.  Nothing too exciting, but a trip out for a bit. 

Don, thought you might enjoy these pics of Downieville...beautiful huh? They came across FB...

What a difference a day makes! 

Adam's cousin Ben and his trophies..The big one he's getting stuffed
And yes he does eat duck..

Cheryl did this one yesterday..she doesn't like it but we do!  She captured the craggy mountains just like they are...

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  1. Thnx for the Downieville pictures. Good to see the town again.