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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The 76 Jeep is running!

Decided to pitch in a do a little yard work this am...it was so hot!  I don't like summer for those of you who don't know!  The tumbleweeds are taking over so I thought I should help out..looks much better out front.  Figure i'll try to do a bit in the mornings when we don't have anything planned.  So that'll work as  long as I don't see any critters out there..

Ken worked on the 76 Jeep today and got it running this afternoon!  It's been sitting for years and in our living trust we gave it to Russell.  Figure whenever he wants it he can have it..Just like the 61 Impala went to  Eric and he's had it  a few years now.  Figure why wait till we're gone!? Right...

Yeehaw!  Jeep is running!

Not much else going on today..we're thinking we would have got a call on the Patriot, but not yet..no biggie..

Today is our friend Alex Real's birthday..we called him this evening but probably out to dinner.  I met Al as one of the first volunteers at the Service Center so it's been a long friendship...since 1993! Love ya Al and hope you had a wonderful birthday!!  

Russ and family headed for Vegas today for Aaron's basketball tournament for the next few days..
Aarons Basketball team..Aaron top left..crazy kids..and coaches..
Eric and family were headed to the State Fair today..looks like they had an awesome lunch today and then headed to Sacramento.  Haven't been in years and have no desire to go..but glad Eric and family went.  Daddy used to take the boys every year..even up to the last Fair before he passed away in 1990..at that point I remember Bryan really didn't want to go...but he did..because that's what his POPO did..It wasn't cheap then and daddy would save $$ just so he could take them..awww...memories..I remember when Bryan was about 4 months old or so and daddy wanted to go..I didn't really but we did and that was the start of the tradition!  Love that man..and so miss him!  
Tuna melts and zuchinni fries for dinner! Yum..

So sad today, 4 Marines shot in Chatanooga...for no reason..by what they are calling a "domestic terrorist"...makes me so sad..our hearts break for them and their families..

Camp Pendleton Marines praying...

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