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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Arco ID to LaMoille Canyon, near Elko, NV then home!

We left Arco Idaho on Monday am after breakfast knowing we were heading for LaMoille Canyon near Elko, NV about 300 miles.  We were taking a chance on getting a campsite but figured since it was after the 4th we would probably find one.  Had a nice drive, lunch at Jackpot, NV and then headed on.  

From our campsite at LaMoille Canyon, NV
The trail at the end of the road we started up

The three who were headed up!

Such an awesome place!

Beautiful wildflowers everywhere...want to come back next
June, as most were already done..

The boys this am after spending the night in the rain..

We arrived at the campground around 1700.  Found a nice site and settled in.  The boys wanted to sleep out under the stars and of course we had a little rain, but it quit and the stars were shining by the time they went to bed.  Tuesday, am Adam and Seth headed out on a trail near the campground.  They were gone a few hours and it looked like some awesome views, from the pics they took (supposed to get an email, but not yet)...After lunch we figured they were done, but we headed to the end of the road where there are some trails, all headed up!  

They decided to take on to LaMoille Lake..Ken and I started out behind the three boys and that's where we stayed..behind...so at one point we turned around, went to the parking lot and waited..we had seen some people on the trail and they said the boys were going at a pretty good clip...we did drive back to camp and grabbed an ice chest figuring they'd be thirsty when they came back..they had water with them but you can't ever be sure..
So after a few hours they made it back (much to the relief of this grandma)...and they had an awesome time..Mason did have a blister on a toe...there are several trails up and up over 10,000 feet .  The one they did was 9740..hoping to come back next June and do some trails then. I believe this area is the most beautiful spot in NV!  Mountains, wildflowers so pretty! 

Back to camp and Ken bar b q ued some awesome pork, and we had mashed potatoes and veggies with it.  It looked threatening all day and no rain, until the kids were getting ready for bed...so they still wanted to sleep outside, we put the ez up down to the lowest point and it appeared they'd be ok..of course after going to bed it sounded like it was raining harder...they had a tent they could go in, or come inside if they wanted to...but didn't see them till this am.  Mason has been sleeping on the couch so it was just the two older boys. 

Got up this am, breakfast and clean up and we were outta there..it did look like the clouds and rain would have come in earlier today, so a good time to go.  We got to Winnemucca about 1300 and headed for our favorite Mexican place, Las Margaritas and took the boys out to a great Mexican lunch!  Got caught up with Jasmine and her family.  

HIt some weather near Fallon, windstorm and rain...lightening..got home about 1800.  On the way between Schurz and here, we could see we must have just missed a downpour, rivers were flowing we had never seen before!  Incredible!  
North of Fallon, NV

Sandstorm near Fallon, NV..

Thought this was funny..brought Adam's suitcase to the porch
so he opened it, got his stuff out and left the suitcase on the

Little blurry, but Mason captured this beautiful flag today
in Lovelock, he tried to send it via email, but didn't work, so
I took a picture..

Great trip with the kids...amazing how they are growing and turning into such good travelers!

The news was showing how the last several days there has been flooding all over Nevada..amazing..

We'll be here till Friday am, then run these guys home and i'll be a Linda's house till Sunday.  

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