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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Home all day except a quick trip to Scolari's and Ken went to the dump...

Couldn't sleep last night so was up from about 0130 to 0330...then of course back to sleep and not awake til 0700..uhh hate it when that happens.  So by the time we got done with coffee, exercise and showers it's like 1000...I got ready and ran to Scolari's for a few things.  Checked out the local thrift store for some long sleeve shirts for Ken..but like the last time I was there none!  Thinking all the Mexicans buy them to work in the fields..as they are covered from head to toe..so guess we'll try Big R next time we're there.  

Ken went to the dump with household garbage..he takes six full cans and it only costs $10.00.  Nice to be able to do as when we're not home we don't pay..so he goes once a month or so.  Nice easy day here at home.  

I ordered a new griddle to keep in the trailer full time.  With the grandkids and cooking pancakes I need something huge!  I'll pick it up at Walmart next week or so when we're there.    

Not much new here...weather is really warm in the 90's.  

Ken bought a new fuel pump for the 76 Jeep..he bought a carbuerator last week, and is intent on getting it going.  Eventually it will go to Russell, when they're ready for it. 

Carson City Jeep called last night and looks like we'll be spending a bit of $$ on the car..but again, we've spent virtually nothing on it since we bought it in 2008 other than tires and oil changes.  Services will be done and new brakes.  Probably pick it up Thursday or Friday.  

Stole this pic from FB..Dau In law Lori and her friend Heather took a 8 mile round trip hike today...

Lori and Heather....no way would I be up there! 

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