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Friday, July 17, 2015

More yard work and working on the Jeep....

Got up about 0500, had our coffees and computer.  I was outside about 0730 to start some yard work again.  Spent 3 hours on the tumbleweeds and it looks so much better..Thinking i'll be out there one more day tomorrow..

Ken spread the rest of the gravel from the trailer today.  I know that was hard, backbreaking work..but it looks so much better.  

The gravel half way done or so..it was just sand..

Here it is done!

The rock around the outside fire pit...looks so much better
than just the sand we have all over...

Was wondering if we had any quail families..we do..there is daddy
watching over his big family in the tumbleweeds..
they are well hidden though..

After lunch Ken went outside to work on the Jeep a bit.  Guess he got it running smoothly...but he heard a whining and attributes it to the water pump going out..so he pulled the radiator out and now has to replace the water pump...

My car is done, but we probably won't pick it up until Tuesday when I head over to pick up Miss Mia..

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