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Thursday, July 23, 2015

A busy and expensive week!

How time flies!! Russell and family got here around 1930 or so..Russell and Jacob decided to ride the main attractions in Vegas (not me)..so they all got a late start..Actually worked well for us as they ended up spending the night!  They (Russell and Lori) haven't been here in about a year and a half so we were really glad to have them.  

Tuesday am we got up and got ready, got out of here to pick up the  car and then pick up kids. Picked up the Patriot, all ready to go ($1300.00 later) ...Jacob and Aaron rode with me..just as we're heading up the hill after just entering CA..I got into the middle lane to pass a truck and stepped on the gas, nothing...what?!!  I'm watching the gauges go down, down, down...So after a few cuss words, I was able to get over to the side of the road and park..it had just started raining, and I was almost at the weigh station.  Called Ken and turned the car off for about 5 min..started back up and was able to get through the agriculture station, made a u turn and headed back to Carson City..uhhhh...amazingly no more problems!  Left the car and we headed back home.  

Wednesday, Jacob and I left about 0730 taking the Tundra to head over to CA...gee this seems familiar..stopped a Walmart for a couple hundred buy..and then we headed over.  Got to Rocklin about 1300 and picked up Miss Mia..headed to Georgetown and then home.  

Ken said Carson City called and they found the problem..a pump on the intake rail..means nothing to me..except a $533.00 fix..so they're ordering the part.  Coincidental that we had it in for servicing..who knows..all we know is it's broke and I love my little car.  

So looks like we'll be home today (Thursday) and hopefully head out to somewhere tomorrow for a few days..we'll see..

Chelsea's first day as 2nd LT in MO.
Looks like a nice little home she has for
the next 6 months or so...

Russ and Lori's new car at our house..

Russell, Aaron and Ken..this doesn't happen too often..

Highway 50 coming into Tahoe area...

and look who's driving...he did really good!

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