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Monday, July 13, 2015

Carson City trip and surprise window tinting for the Tundra...

Russell and Lori at Sand Diego's Seaport Village!

Love this picture of Russ and Lori!

From the left Aaron, Jacob, Lori and Russell..
We used to spend quite a bit of time there when
Russell was in the Marines...

One more from this evening....
Mission Bay Cruise and fireworks...awesome!

Eric's Family is at Fort Bragg CA this week!

Mason on Glass Beach...

Eric and the boys made this sand creature..
Pretty cool don't ya think?!

Seth on the rocks!
We left this morning and headed for Carson City to drop off the Patriot to get the service work done.  After we did that we thought we'd go by Sun King Window Tinting and make an appointment for the Tundra to get its windows done.  It came from the factory with some tinting, but we wanted to go darker. 
Walked in and the service guy said they could do it right then..guess all the rain last week kind of detoured people from making appointments..well, works for us.  So he said give them about an hour and half so we walked to Pizza Hut and decided to have their salad bar..which was nothing to write home about..would never go back.  Sam Adams in the bottle was $4.75..no thanks..a glass of wine that had been sitting out..$6.50..are u kidding me..so we both had water..better for us anyway..huh..finished and killed a little time and then walked back and the truck was done..Love it!  In Nevada the front windows can be tinted to 35%..the back windows were darker already so we went with 20% and can't believe the difference that made..Love it and they do such excellent work. 

After that we headed for Walmart and picked up a few things in Gardnerville, then headed home and killed another day!  

Talked to Russell for his birthday and sounds like they are having an awesome time.  Being the CEO of Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts seems to help alot when u visit the breweries..apparently they hardly spent any money and had an awesome time.  Tonight they are heading out for a boat peddle cruise on Mission Bay from 2000 to 2200 and there's fireworks...gotta admit that sounds like fun!  I remember years ago going with the volunteers to Florida and we took a sunset cruise at Key West...very much one of my special highlights!  

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