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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fun afternoon at my sister Linda's house..babysitting dogs..

Yesterday am we were treated to this lovely sight before we left Yerington...

Well, the fun wasn't really babysitting the dogs..but they're all right..Got here yesterday afternoon after picking up Mia at her mom's house in Rocklin.  Mia swam quite a bit and I dangled my feet..should have gotten in I'm thinking but oh well.  Had a nice night's sleep in Linda's bedroom..great bed and nice cold air conditioning, along with an over head fan...heaven!  
Miss Mia in the pool

Got up about 0530 had some coffee and just enjoyed the am..Mia and I ran to Winco and picked up some provisions as Eric, Chris and kids along with Aaron, Angelina, Wendy (who doesn't eat anything) Cheryl and Adam were coming for the afternoon..got some deli sandwiches, fried chicken, potato salad and I made a salad and Linda had left some chicken breasts for me to cook...all in all a nice afternoon of swimming and catching up.  I'm sure Eric would have enjoyed having a few beers with his dad this afternoon, but Ken stayed in Yerington for the weekend.  
Tina missing her mommy

Adam, Seth and Eric

Eric and Seth..all the background stuff is from Dusty's house in
the hills that they have decided to sell

Cheryl and Adam enjoying lunch

Mia out of the pool

Aaron and Angelina (mouse...as Ninny has called her since she
was a baby)...

Eric playing with the hose with Tank...

Mason and Mia this evening in the pool

Mason kept saying on vacation he wanted his head shaved...well
Dad obliged him...

I hardly ever see Wendy so it was great seeing her and catching up.  Love my sisters!  

Sounds like Linda and family are having a good time in the Russian river area.  They visited Lagunitas brewery today..thinking it's the first time Linda and Bobby have been to a brewery.  

Seth, Mason and Mia are here for the night..I'll run them home tomorrow and head back home. Linda and family will be back tomorrow, and I think their doggies will be happy to have them back..

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