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Monday, July 13, 2015

Home Again! Happy 37th Birthday Russell!!

Got the kids ready and fed, left Linda's house yesterday about 1030...got halfway down the road and decided to go back and close the bathroom door and the lid on the toilet..got thinking that little tank might decided to drink or something in the bathroom, fall in the toilet and then who knows what...my how my imagination flows..

Back on the road about 1045, dropped off Miss Mia at her mom's in Rocklin and then took the boys home to Cool.  Eric had made a trip to Folsom to pick up some, hubcaps (don't think that's what they are actually called though) for the 61 Impala..they are in awesome shape and one day will look incredible on the car! 

Headed home on 49 to Sly Park exit and went home over 88..Love that highway!  They were working on the road, so no stopping to take pics (not that I haven't taken them before).  It was a great relaxing drive, had the Tundra so had Sirrius radio.  Nice! 

Got home about 1700 and just enjoyed the rest of the evening not doing much.  

Today, July 13th is our youngest son Russell's 37th birthday!  He and family, along with friends are in San Diego for the week enjoying sun, fun and breweries.  They leave on the 16th for Las Vegas as their youngest son, Aaron plays in a basketball tournament.  They will drop the boys off here for a week on their way home!  We will call and talk to him in person later on today!  

Ken and I are headed to Carson City to drop of my Jeep Patriot for some service and probably new brakes.   We bought the car new in 2008 and really haven't put any money into the little thing except oil changes and tires.  So can't complain that at about 120000 it needs a little work.  It has the lifetime powertrain warranty so don't think we'll be getting rid of it anytime soon.  They have had to replace the transaxle twice under warranty, which has been done at no cost to us so we're happy!  

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