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Friday, August 6, 2021

Ken's project, painting the tuff shed and time for breakfast!

 The days just seem to get away from me!  Here we are coming upon Friday morning already.  It's August 6th which means it is Ken's brother Don's birthday. Happy Birthday Don, hope you have a great day!

This week we went to Walmart for some groceries, were pleased to see that even with mask mandate in Nevada, about 90% weren't masked! Our dictator would not be happy! 

Yesterday we were pleased to hear the County Commissioners of Lyon County voted to name our county justice center "The Donald J.Trump Justice Center".  People in rural Nevada are all Trump fans and very strongly against Biden.  There are a lot of happy people with this name change. The name change is being paid for by donations, lots of donations! 

We did spend one day over at Karen's just goofing off, swimming, sunning and the barbecuing. The dogs were happy we were there! John and Karen will be home this weekend to pick up their fifth wheel. They bought a beautiful 39 foot Solitude while in southern CA so they're trading this one in. It'll be a short stay here. 

Ken's worked on his project.  Because we don't need two toy haulers we've decided to make the cab over camper an extra guest house.  Remember how high it was to accommodate the CANAM?  It's been quite the chore for him to get it down and off the trailer.  He's got to put it on another trailer to get it into the spot he wants and then get the cabover off that trailer. Lots of work, but he'll get it done. 

This is where it was the other night when I teased that there could be two
different endings..Luckily he got it righted 😃


We bought it in 2005 to go ATV ing with our kids and their friends.  It's been on several trips to Tennessee to visit Don and our friend Clif.  It's been to South Padre Island and many places in between. In other words we can't get rid of it! Too many wonderful memories.  It's in great shape other than the fridge doesn't work, but we can get a dorm sized and put it in there. It'll have water, electricity and tied into our septic system. 

I spent most of the day painting one of our tuff sheds.  Eventually we will have the house, garage and the sheds painted. We did it 8 1/2 years ago and it's time to freshen them up! This Nevada sun is hard on everything! 

I'll be painting the red cement in the near future too...

The shed is closest to us, see how faded the further wall is ..

Waking up to a very smoky morning, no blue skies like yesterday. We were going to Reno today, but remembered it's Hot August Nights week there so we'll wait until after the weekend. Have a great day! I've got a breakfast date to get ready for! 😋


  1. The Donald Trump Justice Center.....that's awesome. Good for Nevada. When we bought the motor home we traded in the 5th wheel and the cab over camper. It didn't bother me to see the 5th wheel leave but I still miss the camper. Everything looks great.

    1. Thank you..hopefully it'll be even better soon! We did enjoy the camper for sure! Some of our best memories were in it! I know some people won't agree with the name for the justice center but you can't please everyone.

  2. LOVE the name of the Justice Center. I'm surprised but it's good to hear. As to the camper ... whoops!! Good thing it stayed upright. What a great idea to keep it as a guest house!!!

    1. I was surprised too. A couple of the commissioners voted against it, but still passed so now citizens are calling for them to be voted out next election! Leave it to the hubby to come up w some good ideas!

  3. Happy to hear about the name for the Justice Center. Still unhappy about Trump not being the prez and we don't even live in the country!
    Nice job on the Tuff Shed, girl!

    1. Know what you mean about Trump...Thanks Patsy! Even though we're using the same color, sure can tell the difference in fading over the years. Still hoping you guys get to come south this winter!!