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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Some more spraying, Carson City, Rain!

 Sunday afternoon we ended up sitting outside for Happy Hour.  We started on the front porch and then the wind picked up so we moved to the back porch. Nice to have different places to get us out of the wind.  

Sitting out there for way too long as it was so nice we needed up discussing a possible upcoming project 😊

Part of the back porch...

I never tire of this view 

Or this one...

Monday morning we got the quad and the sprayer, headed next door to Karen's and sprayed 21 gallons of weed spray at her house. One more tankful there and one more tankful here and it should do it for the season. It was a lovely warm day. After lunch Ken ran to the wood place and picked up firewood for Karen. 

Around 1600 we headed next door as Karen had invited us for a barbecue. Her family was there too so there was lots of visiting going on.  We had a nice time with her family and yummy burgers. 

A nice fire started..

A nice sunset to go along..

Tuesday morning we had to be in Carson City for an 0845 appointment for the Tundra's 20,000 mile service.  Ken drove the truck and I took my car so that we didn't have to wait while it was serviced.  

Dropped the trailer tire at Discount Tire. Finally, it appears they're pretty much back to normal.  Walmart after that for some groceries.  I spent more time and $$ than I planned LOL.  I dropped Ken at the Toyota dealer and I headed home. 

We actually were home in time for a late lunch of tuna wraps. It was cloudy and windy  most of the day so it became a early movie night. Rain started and by bedtime it was raining pretty steadily. 

Wednesday morning and it's cloudy and cool outside but still pretty sitting here in bed looking out the window. Ken's got a breakfast date with Joe this morning and I think I  will have a baking day.  I'm going to get some meals prepped for Ken for next week as I'll be in CA from Tuesday afternoon through the weekend.  Russell and Lori will be in Texas for a Marine Corps reunion. Hard to believe it's been 25 years since he joined after high school. I'll be there to get grandson Aaron to where he needs to go as he doesn't have his license quite yet. 

Well time to get this posted and get the day started! Have a good one!  


  1. Thanks for sharing your property with us. I didn't realize Karen's fire pit was so big!

  2. I love your property too, lovely, peaceful and private. :) A porch to sit on is one of my favourite things.
    Karen's place is really nice too and as Elva says, a huge fire pit area.
    Oh no, you're going to be baking.......that always makes me want to do the same just mine is never in such large capacity! :)

    1. Yes, so glad Ken added the covers to the porches and added on in the back. Love having a porch swing :) Looking at yesterday's blog you certainly did some cooking! John and Karen have a lovely yard and fire area, lots of upkeep for sure.

  3. Beautiful views. Don't you just love not seeing houses all around? I think I need some of those red chairs!! Nice fire pit they have!

  4. Yes, we have neighbors but we have a lot space between. We love the red chairs and they are really comfortable. Wayfair if I remember correctly. :)