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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Not a lot going on except heat!

Well, since I'm sitting here in the air conditioning figure I might as well get a blog posted!  Tuesday was another hot day here in Nevada, pushing close to 100.  After our usual coffees and visiting with blogging friends I decided I needed another date with the hula hoe.  The only time for that is around 0700 in the am. Slipped my cowgirl boots on with my shorts and headed out.  I wanted to get the weeds that had grown up behind the bunkhouse.  After about an hour and filling the wheelbarrow as high as I could it was time for a shower!! 
My morning's work :) 

I decided to bake a few things after we had breakfast and while it still marginally cool.  Tried a couple of new recipes and they turned out well.  

I ran to Raley's and Ken worked on the patio extension a bit.  He needs some sand to level and fill in the spaces between the pavers.  Too hot in the afternoon so we just enjoyed the living room for awhile.  
Ken's banana applesauce (no sugar added, unsweetened applesauce) muffins on the left,
My banana almond flour on the right..very good! 

Closer to sundown it cooled off some so we went outside to sit in the breeze and enjoy happy hour.  Eventually Ken started some burgers and I started tater tots for him.  I made my own radish tots which were delicious!  

Eventually we called it a night in the guest room once again as it just doesn't cool down at night!  

I did hear from Adam yesterday morning.  He got home at 0500 after driving all night!  He spent 2 days in Bend, Oregon with Lexi, a friend of his and they went climbing  and then paddle boarding.  He had a good time, but wanted to be home for a a day or two before work on Thursday.  

Wednesday morning we woke about 0500 and I started the coffee.  Ken had an 0800 dentist appointment in town so he needed to get going. We are really slow in the am so he needs all the time he can get. LOL... After he got home, we loaded in the Tundra to take a ride over to Cinderlite in Mason to see what kind of sand they had.  

Ken hooked the trailer to the Tundra when we got home and because he had a physical therapy appointment at 1245 he took it with him and then went by Cinderlite before he came home.  He's got two tons of sand! More than enough for his little project. hmmmm..I may have to come up with another one for him :)  

It was a late lunch for us close to 1500.  Just salad, so I'm thinking we'll be hungry later.  He was all ready to go outside and work on the project but once he went outside, the heat changed his mind! 96 degrees and in the sun..nope! 

It's nearing 1700 so we'll probably head out in a bit for Happy Hour.  We're waiting for a phone call as Karen called about 0540 this morning saying that they were on the way to the hospital in Carson City as it looks like baby Amelia will be born later today. She asked us to let Mugsy out and to check the water for her chickens.  No problem.  

Christina and boys were at Top Golf in Roseville, CA today.  Stole this pic cause the boys are so cute! :) 

Jacob, Seth, Mason and Jackson

Tomorrow looks like a run to Walmart and then Friday Ken has an eye appointment in Reno.  Guess i'll have to make a run to Total Wine as we're right there! LOL...Have a great night everyone! 


  1. Our heat wave has going away for now a nice break. You guys have been busy and getting things done as usual.

    1. It would be nice to have a break from the heat..I love Fall the best! Try to get most outside work done nice and early!

  2. Picture #1. That looks like the kind of weeds we get on our WS property. They grow so fast and so tall!

    1. Yes they do and then they're really tough to get out!

  3. A short date with the hula hoe is better than nothing and certainly better than a LONG one! Too hard in the heat.
    Muffins look good as usual.:)

  4. Yep I don't handle work in the heat! At 0700 it's not too bad but long enough and hot enough by the time I'm done that shower is like pure heaven :) Thanks Patsy, gotta give my hubby his sweet treat in the am!