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Sunday, May 28, 2017

This post will cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning..

Tonopah, NV....a magical little town in the Nevada desert..makes a 61 and 65 year old feel like they're 14 and 18 again!  Dancing in the street until 2300 hours!  
Big Bill Murphy..sad story
This statue stands in town..Big Bill Murphy

Mural in the parking lot

Our hotel ..

Food vendors

The night started with the Bartenders Race..always fun!

Tonopah Liquor Company won! 

Art Jones Band, southern rock, very good!

The show opened with Shawn Williams..Great voice!

Loved his shirt...Ban Idiots, not guns! 

Friday, we left home closer to 1030 than 1000 but no matter we knew we had a 2 1/2 hour drive to Tonopah.  Stopped in Hawthorne to fuel up the Patriot and off we went through the little towns (if you can call them that) of Luning and Mina and then to Tonopah.  We got here close to 1300 and were able to check in to our room at the Jim Butler Motel.  

Before we left home, I went out to the trailer to look for something..and on our concrete under the trailer was this guy! AHHHHHHHHH!   He was a baby only about 18 inches or so. I jumped in the trailer and yelled for Ken..he put it in a five gallon bucket and took it out by the woodpile..YUKKKKKKK...he said it was a gopher snake, but I don't care a snake is a snake!!!  

It s a nice room 2 queen beds, frig and microwave.  Looks freshly painted and the beds are brand new i'm sure.  The a/c works great! 

So we put our stuff away and then headed to El Marques Mexican Restaurant and had a wonderful late lunch.  We've been there a few times in the  past but not in a long time!  

After that we headed out to just walk around town and see what's going on.  Stopped in the Tonopah Liquor Company and Ken had a beer (I had wine w me). They were getting ready for the bartender races at 1800. Such a fun event. 

We watched that and then it was time for music and dancing which we did until 2300.  The motel is right across the street from where the action is so we were able to walk to our room, get a drink and head back over.  Certainly made for a much cheaper night than buying a $5.00 beer (4 for the beer and 1 for the tip). The music was great, the people awesome and all the kids! Glad to see families out enjoying! I think the people who made the most money were the vendors selling Silly String!  It was everywhere :))

Back to our room and nighty night! 

Slept in on Saturday morning until 0730!  Got ready and  headed out to the parade (Be prepared for pics).  At noon is the mucking contest at the Tonopah Mining Park. 

The parade was nice.  I was surprised it seemed as though there really wasn't a lot of red white and blue..and now that I think of it there wasn't even 1 marching band...their schools ended with high school graduation Thursday night, but still you'd think they could put something together..but it was ok.  Hawthorne definitely was better last weekend. 

After the parade it was a little after 11 and since we didn't have breakfast we headed across the street to Hometown Pizza.  They have an all u can eat buffet (which we didn't). Amazing salad bar too. We ordered a medium Tonopah Combo which had all the things i shouldn't eat but what the heck.  It was delicious!  When we got there hardly any people there but it filled up quickly, with most ordering the buffet.  Surprisingly they kept up with at least 4 to 6 pizzas on the buffet. Impressive! 
Waiting for our lunch..

Tonopah Combo..looks like a really thick crust but it wasn't
except the outside crust...

After we ate we drove to Scolari's as they were supposed to have cooked chickens on sale so we figured we'd get one for dinner. They weren't on sale there, they were $8.99 which is ridiculous for a little chicken.  Instead, we decided we'd get another pizza and take it to our room later.  

Headed up to the mining park for the afternoon and watched the mucking events for a few hours.  Figured we'd go back to the room for a bit (which turned into a few hours).  We watched a movie and didn't realize how long the movie was, so we ended up leaving before the ending.  We caught some of the double jack which is always fun to watch.  

Gold panning was available..

The mom with the dark hair, by the little girl w dark hair..
Is the wife and child of our Nevada Attorney General, Adam Laxalt

During the mucking event..single muckers and double muckers
men and women's events.  Men fill ore carts to the top of the cart
about 2000 lbs of dirt to fill a cart.  

During the women's events we found they put plywood in
at halfway..so women fill 1/2 cart..about 1000 lbs. 

Our Attorney General, Adam Laxalt
He and his little family stayed most of the day after
being in the parade in the morning. 

A lot of people here to watch the competition! 

We walked over to the Mizpah as they had a local band playing "The Peavine Pickers"  It's definitely a family band and very, very good!  Not much going on in town so we picked up a pizza and back to the room.  
The Peavine Pickers

Sunday morning,  up about 0630 for coffee and computing.  I was trying to post the blog and load pictures but it wasn't cooperating. We were going to stop at the Mexican place on the home for an early lunch, but we ended up getting out of the hotel a little after 1000 so we stopped at El Capitan in Hawthorne for lunch and we got home about 1400. Tomorrow morning we'll head out with the Jayco back to Washoe Lake State Park for the night and hopefully meeting up with Russell and family for lunch in Reno.  

Warning: Parade Pics Below...
Theme was "Tonopah, on track for
the future"

The belly dancing group was the only one i saw that followed the
them and I missed the float..It was a train

2nd Amendment float

These two were hilarious..guy and gal..

On our way to lunch...


  1. First thing I noticed. We are really close to the same age. I will be 63 and Bill will be 65 in September. :) Great pictures of all the fun! I could get into the dancing. I love it, Bill not as much. Not as much opportunity anymore with less weddings to go to. Not sure what mucking is, trying to read between the lines. That pizza looks delicious and I love the District Judge's bus.

  2. by the way, there was nothing on the 'test' page you sent. It said nothing was to be found.

  3. Yeah we don't get the chance for dancing anymore either, guess that's why we like this event so much. Dancing in the kitchen works but not for long..haha..We are close in age i'll be 62 in December Ken 66..hard to believe because most of the time we don't feel that "old". Mucking is basically taking shovels and and filling ore carts as fast as you can. The winners of this event will go to state finals and then from there to Nationals. Just a fun thing to watch for us. Some of the guys doing it are no spring chickens, but they've got muscles. The test page I just left for a few minutes I was trying to make a few videos work..think I got it..we'll see later when I post again. Thanks again for reading and commenting.