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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Working on the Really Ugly Disgusting Bathroom!

When we bought this house most of the problems with it were cosmetic..paint and new flooring were the first projects.  We (Ken)..added the fireplace (which I absolutely love!), the new porch coverings and many other little projects.  We knew the hallway bathroom was going to be the biggest and worst of all!  How people do these things and live that way, i'll never know!  

Because it was going to be the worst project of all, we just put it off..Ken figured going under the house he didn't want to do it in the warm months because we have lots of spiders, black widows to be specific (no clue why)..and lord knows what else is under there.  Honestly, after looking at what's under there..I'd NEVER want to go under the house!  Yuk! 

We went to Lowe's on Wednesday and spent a little money getting the plywood and 2x6's to take care of the dry rot under where the toilet set.  

Ken pulled up the old flooring, which exposed what was probably there in 1985..ugly!  Luckily he didn't have to go under the house for this part of the project, he was able to fix it all from up top!  He worked really hard the last two days, of course most people wouldn't realize how hard and long it was, as it doesn't look like a lot has been done..always the way it is with remodel. 

Looking in the door to the RUDB. Horrible marmite walls
light falling off ceiling..weird door on storage..horrible shower
stall..pic later on that one..

Loooking in and under..new 2x6's for the dry rot..

Notice the disgusting wall..Can you tell I hate this room!?

Missed the picture of the blocking underneath..but it looks so much better than
it did...can't wait to get cabinet out and new shower!

Today we head to Lowe's in Carson City..we planned on taking the flooring in the hallway and continuing it into the bathroom, but Lowe's in Fernley didn't have it anymore.  So we're heading there this morning.  Ken plans on setting the new toilet..of course I had to get him to say that's not it and we're done..His famous words is "it's temporary"..years ago that would mean, until we sell the house..He's gotten much better!  This project needs to continue on, well, until we head south for a bit.  

We talked about staying home and finishing, but then again there will come a time when we won't be able to go. So we're going!  Just need to get back before the spiders and critters come alive again, as he will have to go underneath for the shower pan and moving the shower drain.  

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