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Friday, January 15, 2016

More work on the ugly bathroom..

The usual routine here in the morning...coffee, computer etc.. I ran to Scolari's for a few things and then back home.  

Ken spent a good part of the day working on the ugly bathroom..he got some of the flooring laid and then got the new toilet installed.  I thought he was pushing it, (and also thinking that if he did that work would stop for awhile)...me of little faith!  Anyway, after he did it I have to say I'm glad he did, as we were able to see that part of the 3rd bedroom closet is going to have to go.  We bought the oval shaped bowl so it's definitely bigger than what was there before..so if we don't take part of the closet, you won't have much room to get around the toilet to either the shower (don't think the shower door would open all the way)..or to get to the sink.  So I have to admit it's a good thing he got that in, otherwise it wouldn't have worked.  
The new toilet..hooked up and ready to go..see the wall in front..
that's the one that's going to be moved to make more room..

The floor we selected (Lowe's doesn't carry the hallway floor any longer)
but I'm happy with this as it's lighter color..will work for what I have
in mind..

We did talk last night and are thinking either end of next week or beginning of next we'll probably head south.  For a change, it's Ken whose got the hankering to head out..probably because he knows there's always projects to get done..Actually, once we get the ugly bathroom and the bunk house done we'll be pretty set here.  

Woke up to a pleasant surprise here this am...a light dusting of SNOW!  A nice surprise!  You just never know what you're gonna get here..all day yesterday it rained and snowed in CA and Reno area..we got nothing..now overnight it snows!  Love it!! 

Good morning Yerington!  Out my kitchen window..

Out the back door

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