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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Getting ready to go!

It's Saturday morning..just finished watching a great Pioneer Woman episode :))
Good way to start my morning..We're headed for Gardnerville and Walmart this morning.  Gotta get our food and stuff..if all goes as planned we're outta here Monday morning!  

It's about 270 miles to Death Valley from here..a long day for us but thinking we'll make it!  Ken's been working on making sure the trailer is ready, checking wheel bearings etc and loading up the Tundra with bikes, comfy chairs etc..pretty much my job is clothes and food!  

While Ken was getting the vehicles ready I spent a couple of hours the last two days with the hula hoe..looks pretty good out front if I do say myself!  We like the sagebrush but we have a lot of dried up tumbleweeds..and don't like the way they look..of course can't get rid of all but clearing an area a bit makes it look so much better.  

So needless to say, the RUDB didn't get worked on..but it'll be here when we get back. 

Jacob there in the center...it looked like a fight at first
but the ball is way above..they won!  Jacob made 11 points..
Linda, Bobby, Dusty, Diane and Jesse were able to go to the game!

Don and Dana had their first real snowstorm in Tennessee!  He sent the following pictures yesterday...Beautiful! 

Sweet Pea ..don't think she's too crazy about the snow!

Heidi, looking good!

Love this pic!  Their outbuilding is their chicken coop!
Lucky chickens!

This is a picture of their chickens taken in December!

We finally got Cheryl's Christmas gift on the wall..love it! So the American
Flag on the left she gave us a few years ago (it's a puzzle) and the other American
flag, it felt stars she made..and of course our map that Eric made!  

Miss Betty got a little pampering yesterday at the doggie spa..
Love how she smiles~

Christina got a couple of "new" pieces of furniture this week..

The East Coast had quite a snowstorm this week...The Tomb of the Unknown still being guarded 24/7!  As a good friend of ours says, "Now this is America!"

God Bless these Soldiers!

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