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Sunday, January 24, 2016

After the Storm in Cornversville, TN!

Don sent some beautiful pictures from after the storm...

Don's truck!

Near the back deck..

Out by the creek...

Thanks Don for the lovely pictures!  Like Don said and we do too...pictures just don't do it justice!  Their property is so beautiful and you just can't see the incredible views and quietness of the property...but since we've seen it in person  these pictures mean a lot to us..it's beautiful in all the seasons, but after a snow storm it's really something else!!

Got a couple of pictures from Facebook...Wendy's birthday was last week, so Shawn (her hubby) planned a surprise lunch for her at Lucille's Bar B Q..we didn't make it (it would have been a 1 day turnaround)..but looks like a nice time was had...

There's the Birthday girl!  Across from her ..Daughter Ursula
and her husband, Steve..Wendy talking to Baby Owen..

Shawn at the head of the table, Angelina..their granddaughter
Bobby next to baby Owen,..who I think is probably flirting with someone
Angelina's Dad, Aaron was there too, along with Tasha and her boyfriend, Nick and Diane was able to make it too!  Linda took the pics so no pictures of her.

We went to Walmart in Gardnerville, Big 5 in Minden and got a new camping coffeepot for the Jayco.  We have one, but it leaks when it starts perking so we'll see how this one does.  We take the electric one, but in most campgrounds (other than full hook ups)..we use the stove top coffee pot.  We have a generator but don't like to use it that early!  

After that it was time for lunch...so off to Carson Valley Inn..headed home after that...

This was our view of the mountains near Gardnerville, NV!
*Remember to click on the pics and they will get bigger...

Off to Scolari's this am for a few things and then football this afternoon..and if all goes as planned we are outta here tomorrow morning!

We're thinking there's a trip to Tennessee either this spring (before watering)..or early fall...We had decided to sell the 97 Ford..looks like we might be changing our mind, as we need one more tractor for out front!  Thinking we're going to be calling our tractor guy, Clifford and he's in TN!  So we'll be able to put the cabover on the 97 and then pull the car hauler..the cabover won't work on the Tundra..so we'll keep you posted!

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  1. I'm glad you liked the pictures. Your mountain picture is really nice. Those perfect pictures with the sun in just the right place are hard to get.

    As usual just tell Clifford to drop the tractor here and it will be here whenever you come out. Looking forward to seeing you both.