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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A quiet day in Yerington...

Tuesday morning got up and after morning exercises..yes it's time to get back to that..Ken's been pretty good about it, but not me...something I don't look forward too but know it's good for me..I don't mind "getting my walk on" at campgrounds, but just not the same on a treadmill, or exercise dvd.  

After breakfast, I got started on cleaning after having 5 boys here!  So far other than a hair pic that's the only leftover we've found..several half empty water bottles and sodas..but to be expected.  

Ken got started outside, on making a new crawl space under the house.  The one they had in the back of the house, you have to crawl over a stem wall to get to where the bathroom is..so this way it's right in front of and below the bathroom.  

Wednesday am...we're headed for Lowe's this am for some supplies he needs for the project...so it's quiet here, but back to work! 

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