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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's Wednesday! More progress on the Really Ugly Disgusting Bathroom (RUDB)...

Work has continued on the RUDB this week!  Like with any remodel it has to get worse before it gets better and that's exactly what's happening :))

Looks like the flashlight might be here today, but we're not planning on leaving until Monday.. We talked about leaving tomorrow but decided between loading the truck and trailer, grocery shopping etc..it would just be too much..besides the playoff games are on Sunday, and we didn't want to be in a campground with no hookups.  So Ken gets to work on the RUDB a little more.  

Ken took the wall cover ing off the wall leading to the backside
of the kids room closet

Marmite gone and door from storage

Ok...this is how they attached the shower covering with

So embarrassed to even show this..but I have tried every cleaner
I can think of..to try to clean this thing..yukk..i think because of the
disgusting water we had when we moved in, everything was brown.

Wall is gone leading to the kids closet..he will be cutting it
back a few inches for the new shower pan and vanity..

Near the end of the day yesterday..shower door gone, yay..

Looking into the kids closet...

End of day Tuesday..Some of the wall by the shower has been cut
back ..closet will be a little smaller but that's ok, since no one lives
in that room except when gkids are here..

Yesterday was my sister Wendy's 59th Birthday!  Happy Birthday little sister!!

Also our Daughter in Law Christina, celebrated her birthday yesterday too!! Sounds like she had a pretty good Birthday weekend!  

I'm pretty sure i've posted the pic below before, but Linda posted it on FB yesterday so I had to steal it! That's my daddy, top left..and it's so amazing that he looks so much like our grandson, Mason!  

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