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Monday, March 30, 2015

Today's project...Television moved

Ken has always liked the view of the mountains out our kitchen window...from where he usually sits on the couch the television blocked the view...and lots of times as the sun sets it really lights up the mountains...so we decided to move the television ...up...We used some of the boards that were left from the ceiling in the hallway.  The only problem we didn't want them so light and looking like "new wood".  Google search and got info on how to age wood quickly!  

Very simple actually, steel wool in a jar of vinegar...let it sit for 12 hours or more and brewed tea...amazing huh?!  So Sunday Ken made the shelf and I aged it..
The shelf before...

In progress..

After!  Love it but found that even after it dries
it tends to darken more..

Where the tv sat before..

kinda glary but that's barbed wire we are using
to hold the shelf

The television is now up...and u can see through
the glass panels and through the kitchen to see
the mountains...

Mission Accomplished!

Today we head to Winnemucca, spend the night and have our dr appointments tomorrow...Pick up taxes...and lunch tomorrow at Las Margaritas and then head home.  Wednesday, i'll do a one day turnaround, going to Antelope to pick up 2 of the grandsons till Sunday!

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