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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Got some more done on the floor and Ken spent two hours on the phone w Direct tv...geezzz

Got up yesterday and Ken headed quickly to the dump and dmv..dmv got a pass when he walked in and saw about 6 people ahead of him.  Nothing like California, but for Yerington that's alot of people.   

I started painting the door to the gkids room and the trim around it.  It seems that's the area where the best light is for cutting the floor so I figured while Ken was gone that's what'd I work on.  

He got home and started on the floor which is looking awesome!  Getting ready to have lunch about 1230 and the back tv went out (again)...so he got on the phone with Direct TV and ended up being on the phone with them for almost 2 hours...then they were going to transfer it to a "specialist" team to figure the problem.  The other night when there was a problem they had me disconnect the antenna, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in and hit the red button..she never had Ken do that so when he got off the phone he did it and wham....it worked! 

Of course this morning we're watching the news and after about 40 mins..same thing...so repeat the steps and we're watching tv again...uhhhhhhh...and only the bedroom tv not the livingroom...oh well.

We're headed to DMV this am and then breakfast at the Pioneer Casino.  We're about 8 tiles short for the hallway floor, but we're headed to Reno on Friday to drop off the Jayco for warranty work so we'll pickup the rest then.  I'm hoping we have it done for Sunday when Bryan and Cheryl are here.  

Adam called last night and he has permit test at DMV on April 1st...so study, study, study....Hard to believe our first grandchild could be driving as soon as the 1st...ahhhh....

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