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Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Monday Morning!

Can't believe it's Monday already!  Had a productive weekend on the hallway!  *pics later today*...Tin is done! Yay and love the way it looks!  We have two rocking chairs on the back porch that I bought when we moved to Colfax (so they're about 20 years old now)...I sanded and put linseed oil on them, as these Nevada summers are hard on them..they look so much better now!  I went ahead and put a coat on our swing that gets tons of sun too!  

Yesterday, we treated ourselves and went out to breakfast in town at Dini's Casino.  We used to go quite a bit when we first moved here but not so much anymore.  It was delicious and inexpensive!  I had two eggs, potatoes, bacon and toast...of course I don't eat the bacon so we brought it home and Ken can have a BLT for lunch today.  Mine was only $4.95 and Ken had sausage patties (which were huge) and then eggs, toast and potatoes, his was $5.95.  During the week they have a special for $2.99.  We were impressed!  

Since we were out and about early, we thought why don't we go ahead and head for Lowe's to get baseboard, more flooring and see if the light we liked was in yet.  Got it all done! 

Came home and Ken worked on getting the light hooked up and I started painting the trim and door frames.  I'm really loving this hallway!  

Yesterday afternoon Ken was feeling sick to his stomach (I'm wondering if his tummy isn't used to so much sausage, we don't eat it at home anymore)...so he actually laid down for a bit...

A delicious dinner of tuna melt, we saw on one of the blogs we follow.  I had a bite and was surprised how good it tasted.  
Tuna melt...made with carrots, spinach, onions, yummy!

Today we'll hopefully get some more flooring laid and we can bring in the dresser.  

Grandson Mason in the Arkansas jacket I had
sent to him..It was only a kids large..but he'll grow into it..

Ken got alot done today on the hallway..some baseboard up along with some floor put in..it's looking awesome!  
The hallway before...

Before with the ugly panelling

Ken working on the tin...

The beginning of the hallway "after"

The new floor vs the old...

Looking toward the 2nd bedroom..

The tin in place

We have a real light! 

After...The tin and new floor and the dresser..

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