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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The hallway is done! Time to get pictures on the wall!

A nice day at home yesterday (except for a quick trip to Scolari's)...Ken worked on finishing the floor and the rest of the trim in the hallway.  It's done and we absolutely love it!  

Our first view of the hallway 2 years ago!

A close up of the floor! 

Our first pic on the tin...the motto....Live Simply...love it!

We have a small project in the living room that Ken wants to tackle...We have these beautiful desert mountains outside the kitchen window...Well, when you're on the couch the television blocks the view so he's making a shelf and we will move the television upwards...got on the internet last night to see about aging wood quickly and barbed wire...so stay tuned!  

Kids will be here for the next 10 days or so...so probably much won't get done...but only the really ugly bathroom is left and the house will be done!  Yipppeee....other than that job is really going to suck!  After that probably a few covers outside for the Jayco and whatever else...but i'm hoping the bathroom project gets done 1st...A beautiful Sunday here in Yerington! 

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