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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nice day here at home...and a great quad ride!

We got up and were at the DMV in Yerington at 0800..I didn't even have time to read two pages of my kindle and Ken was back with the registration! Love this small town!  So off we went to the Pioneer Casino for a delicious breakfast..$7.46 out the door..could have been 10% cheaper if Ken would have asked for the "senior discount" but we felt like we had a great deal anyway! 

Home, I worked on cleaning, and Ken almost finished the hallway.  We are eight tiles short, so he put up the rest of the wall covering, finished the trim and it looks awesome! 

The 1985 faux wood door...going!

Gone!  Love the white so much better

The wall cover on the right Ken got up today..He had to put
screws in because there was no wood to nail to..but I love the

Trim around the horribly ugly bathroom door...next project

Another view of todays work..love it

So a little after 1500 we decided to play hooky and headed off on our quads to BLM land and had a great ride, Ken got to shoot some of his guns and it was just nice in general!  We were gone about an hour and half, back home and getting ready for dinner.  Oven baked zuchini fries and tuna melts..yumm..

Our quads at the top of the mountain...about a 15min drive
from our house..

Looking at another road we'll take one day

A little box canyon people use for target practice

Ken looking at where he shot..

Just a view from the box canyon..our house is there somewhere

Quads at the shooting area

Tomorrow Direct TV is coming out to check out the bedroom tv so we'll see..Friday we head for Reno for the warranty work and then Sunday we'll head for Bryan's house and they'll come here...

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