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Sunday, March 22, 2015

We're back home!

My mom made the hat for Bryan about 42 years ago (Bryan will
be 42 April 26th)...found it and the blanket.  She took a baby blanket
rimmed it in blue and then stitched his name down the center..
you can see the B in the 2nd pic..So left this on the table for Bryan

In that pic that's my Dad holding Bryan wrapped in the blanket and
wearing the hat...Bryan was about 5months old in the pic.

Well, just goes to show that when we spend a few days at Bryan and Cheryl's just not enough time to update!  hahah..Not really, but it seems the days just flew!  

We left here Sunday morning and headed over the hill to Georgetown.  Got there in time to see Bryan and Cheryl before they headed over.  Great to see the kids..Ken went down the hill and visited with his mom a bit and then spent a few hours visiting with Eric and kids.  

Monday, after the kids got off to school, I went to MarVals for a few things and came back and made some potato salad for Tues.  Ken bar b qued awesome burgers for him and the kids!  That was Adam's request!  

Tuesday, we headed down the hill to see Russell and his buddies at work and brought them lunch!  Had a wonderful time seeing them and then had to get back to pick up kids.  Tuesday evening I took Mia to her guitar lesson and then back to the house to call it a night!  Crockpot roast that day and it was good! 

Wednesday, got the kids off to school and gathered our things and headed back home.  Stopped in Minden and had some Mexican food for lunch and then home!  Basically, I did nothing when we got home!  

Thursday, when we get going here, we'll head to Reno to pick up the trailer, surprising Margo from Sierra RV called on Tuesday and said it was ready for pickup.   The reviews were horrible about their service department..but from what I can see nothing to complain about here!   

Tuesday, we'll head for Winnemucca for a one day turnaround and our Dr's appointment.  Taxes are done too!  So we'll see what the damage is there...

Anyway, life is good! 

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