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Monday, June 21, 2021

The windstorm was incredible! Happy Father's Day! The view from the top! Another beautiful bride :)


Russell takes a Father's Day picture every year..so glad Jacob
made it home to be a part of this one! 
Aaron, Russell and Jacob 💙

Friday evening we were over at John and Karen's having happy hour with Mugsy and Lila.  It was a beautiful evening except for the winds. We're used to most days there's wind but it varies how much.  The evening was cloud covered and very warm.  

Raindrops started falling and the wind picked up so I just went into their little shed that houses a fridge and freezer.  All of a sudden the winds and rain went crazy!  I was talking with Izzie (Karen's mom) and WOW!  Never in the 8 years we've lived here have I seen the winds pick up so fast and furious!  Things literally started flying! 

It was over in a few minutes but it was so crazy!  WE came inside and finished our evening. 

Saturday morning about 0730 we headed home as we do every day.  Started to pull into the driveway and could see metal debris on the property! What the heck?? Wood pieces everywhere!  Wait we recognize that stuff! Our front porch is still there! OH NO..look on the roof!! Look near the border of the property! It's our back porch cover!! GONE! 

The cover is  no more! 

This one flew and bent near our tractors..

This piece was in the middle of the road, neighbor Paul pulled it onto our 

These two pieces flew to the tree border, only thing stopping them

The view from below..

A little further out picture...Notice the one 4x6 still standing..only because it's anchored in concrete.

We've got a window to replace now too :( 

Just some boards lying around...lol..

These are the two panels and 2x6 that will have to be replaced on the front porch..We figure
flying debris hit it as it was flying elsewhere! 

This is our guest room..the fold out is black..blew the cover off the window a/c..
Look at the dirt on the window sill! The force was amazing!

Our new neighbor Paul, saw Ken outside and came over.  He said they were outside and it sounded like a bomb went off!  He came over to our house Friday evening and we weren't home, he came to John and Karen's to see if they needed help.  We must have still been outside and didn't hear him knock.

While they were outside they noticed that 2 places on the front porch were damaged too.  Obviously the flying material came down as it was airborne and punched holes in two pieces of metal roofing.  More to be replaced...

Luckily no one was hurt during this event.  Kind of like a tornado I guess.  Some houses got hit and some didn't.  Karen's pool cover flew off and then we found the sawhorses that were holding the solar system had blown over.  The solar system is filled with water and very heavy!  Took both of us to lift it and not easily! 

WE got ourselves ready and headed to town as they were having their annual car show.  What a turnout!  It was really hot so we didn't stay too long.  WE were having company later in the day so got back to Karen's to do a few things. 

Photo bomb by Izzie..the guy behind her was laughing 😃

Chili cook off contenders..smelled delicious! 

The number 42 on the building is a little dance studio..people were watching dancers..

They were so cute! 

Great turn out! Lined both sides of Main Street..

First patrol car of Mariposa County CA..

Around 1300 Izzie, Auntie and Janey (who's visiting for a few weeks) came over to Karen's and we were hosting a simple barbecue of hot dogs and hot links.  Amber, Randy and Millie came a little later and enjoyed time in the pool together.  

It was very hot, right around 100 degrees so we all ate inside and then visited in the house for a while.  Eventually we went back outside to the shade, visited and then they all headed home. 

I actually jumped into the pool for a bit and oh it felt so good! 

Sunday was Father's Day.  Hoping everyone had a good day.  I asked Ken what he wanted to do and he said just stay home and enjoy the day.  We started the day with a bloody mary for him and screwdriver for me.  I made egg sandwiches and we watched a movie.  If you have Netflix watch Greater! Based on a true story of Brandon Burlsworth who played for the Arkansas Razorbacks.  It's a tear jerker, well worth the time! 💙

Ken's mom called him first thing in the morning.  Right after that all 3 boys called him. Ken's day was made!! 💙 Of course anytime we hear from the boys our days are made! 

Ken wanted homemade pizza for dinner so I got the stuff together and the zucchini crust made. Yes, he wanted that crust.  We made the pizza together and then went ahead and cooked it. He likes room temperature and I'm a warm pizza girl. That's what the microwave is for right?! 

Zucchini crust pizza..pepperoni, olives and mushrooms for Ken part..pepperoni, mushrooms and spinach for my part..oh so yummy!

After that it was time to head next door and spend some time with Lila and Mugsy. 

We both jumped in the pool and enjoyed the afternoon.  Another 100 degree day, made cooler by the water! We had the pizza later for dinner inside.  

Ken got on the roof today to see what damage was done.  I know a vent cover that was for the old water heater flew off, it's on the ground.  So here's a couple of pictures of what he found. Just amazing!  

The 4x6 post, gusset stayed together in one piece, the 
white are the 2x6 joists ..crazy..talk about heavy to get

A closer picture..even our ornaments we had hanging on
them..stayed on..

This is what it looked like just a few weeks ago when my sister was here! 

We got a few pictures from John and Karen Saturday night of his daughter Hannah's wedding in Durant, Oklahoma. She certainly made a beautiful bride! 

                                       Karen, Hannah and John 💖

I love this picture! 💖

John and Karen left Durant yesterday morning and expect to be home sometime tomorrow. I know a couple of little doggies who will be very happy to have them home. 

97 degrees here at 1430.  Ken just came inside.  He got what's salvageable of the 2x6's put in the garage. No tin is salvageable.  Now to enjoy the rest of the day! 


  1. I am so sorry to hear of the damage at your place. Luckily no one was hurt and maybe a good thing not to have been home to hear it and witness it. Winds like that are scary!
    Your pizza always make me crave them. Bill is so fussy about his brand (!!!) That we rarely have it. I need to practice making those crusts so i can make my own.

    1. Ken thought about going home that evening just to check on the house, but decided against it. Glad he did or neither one of us would have slept. That's the thing with this pizza you can make as much or as little dough as you like..and it's so easy and delicious I know you would love it with the way you eat!

  2. Wow ... that looks like a tornado to me. The post on the roof? Luckily that's all that was damaged. Crazy weather ... and here it's just been hot as heck with not a breath of a breeze. I'm glad it's all fixable!!

    1. Exactly what it seemed like! Yep Ken will get it fixed hopefully sooner rather than later LOL.. We have our wind, just usually not this much!