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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Quick catch up..construction has begun on the new porch cover and painting the house..HOT days ahead..

 Happy Sunday!  

Another week has flown by here in Yerington, Nevada! 

Ken's been busy with the back porch.  He got all the material picked up and found what he could and couldn't reuse. Not much.  At least the 4x4x16 header was ok, a 4x4 post and 3 of the joists out of 9. Everything else will have to bought again. 

At the end of Saturday we have a good start..

I made enchiladas, rice and coleslaw on Tuesday so John and Karen didn't have to worry about cooking after their long trip home from Oklahoma. It was much appreciated.  We had a nice Happy Hour getting all caught up on the wedding there.

My enchilada


John and Karen's


One day this week Ken hooked up the small trailer and we headed for Gardnerville, stopping in at Meeks Lumber and Supply.  We bought a 2x6x16 for the header that goes against the house.  $37.00 (ouch).   Got some prices on some other things and decided to head for Lowe's in Carson City.  

We've been planning on painting the house this year so we got 5 gallons of the green. We're keeping the same color as painting the grooves in the siding is not fun, and we like the original color we picked. 5 gallons of Valspar was $134.00 but for some reason when we checked out it was only $94.00.  Meeks wanted $188.00.  We walked out of Lowe's $248.00 poorer. WE did find the 2x6x16 was about $27.00. We won't be visiting Meeks again. 

By 1015 he had the header up...

I can tell the difference in paint but you probably can't. .

Friday Ken poured 320 pounds of concrete in one hole to put the post in. At least that post won't be flying anywhere again. The other post is already in concrete.  I painted the joists that we do have just to give them a fresher look and the new one for against the wall.  

                                          320 pounds of concrete....

Saturday morning while I painted the one wall of the house Ken got the post and header up.  By 1130 it was HOT! He continued to work pretty much until 1630 with a half hour lunch break.  I went out at 1630 and told him it's Saturday and 95 degrees with no shade, time to quit.  

I bought this colorful treat on Prime Day for $9.99...

I ran to Raley's earlier in the day and picked up some things as Adam and Erin are coming tonight after work until Tuesday morning. 💙💑 I also stopped by Tru Value to get a gallon of the house trim paint! Won't do that again, $47.00 for 1 gallon of their mid grade paint! About $35.00 at Lowe's.    

Once Ken put his tools away we sat by the bunkhouse in the shade until the wind stopped and moved to the front porch area.  The wind blowing was so hot, we moved inside.  

Karen stopped by with a little gift for me. 

What a sweet gift from Karen...💖

This morning I woke at 0430 and thought to get this blog going. 64 degrees at 0430 going for 101 today and the rest of the week won't be any cooler. We're heading for Lowe's in Carson this morning, so time to get Ken's coffee and get us going! 

Have a wonderful Sunday! 


  1. Well aren't you energetic with the blog writing this morning!? Good for you! Nice to see things coming together for your porch, that was just such a shame.
    I like the iron gate door, that's on to your porch? :)
    The enchiladas look yummy, I love the cheese on Ken's.
    Karen is a sweet lady with lovely gifts for another sweet lady.

    1. Thanks Patsy..yeah it sucks especially since it's over a hundred daily! That's a metal security screen door. It's really nice this time of year and spring. We leave the main door open and a nice breeze comes through. We can leave without locking up the house. Karen is very special!

  2. Glad things are taking shape around the house.
    Building supply prices are through the roof here as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes prices are crazy! Glad we're not building a house!!

  3. It's just amazing that the wind took your cover down. Now if it gets windy you don't have to worry! That's funny ... we BOTH made enchiladas!! Although I have to admit, yours look better than mine! Great deal on the knives. They look exactly like Pampered Chef knives, but a fraction of the price!!!

    1. Haha. Your are funny! Love anything Mexican in this house! I didn't really need the knives, but too good of a price to pass up!