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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Family and friends time! A wonderful weekend!


My sweet sister, Linda brought me this beautiful metal sign for the porch! 💖💖💖

Love this picture! Linda titles it "Hillbillies on the back porch" 💙💙

Friday we finished last minute things getting ready for company. Kim and Lance got here first around 1430 or so.  My sister and family didn't leave Sacramento until 1300 as Chelsea had to work half a day. 

We got Lance and Kim's beautiful fifth wheel parked and hooked up to power and enjoyed chatting until the rest of gang came. 

The first to arrive! Kim and Lance!
We got them set up with power...
Miss Cassidy showing Lance her toys 💙

It was nearing 1700 when they showed up. Hugs all around and they got their stuff put away in respective lodging areas.  Linda and Bobby in the bunkhouse, Dusty and family in the Komfort.  

Erin (my my the grandkids call her)...Teaching Owen how to drive 💙
Owen and Cassidy..
Owen wanting to drive the 700!  Cassidy actually started one of the quads! 
A little wind...Cassidy and some toys 

We gathered in the shade for Happy Hour for awhile.  John and Karen joined us and everybody enjoyed them. They picked up a new Side by Side earlier in the day. A four seater! 


Karen and her new side by side! Wolverine 4 passenger!

I cooked the enchiladas and once they were ready people ate when they were hungry. 

The party continued on the cement outback that used to be the basketball court. Ken made a nice fire and we were all nice and toasty. 

Kim in the driver's seat!
Have fun Kim and Lance!
Dusty and Ethan returning from a ride

Around 2000 Chelsea's mom (Erin) and Chelsea's brother Ethan showed up! Yay! I really had never spent much time with Erin or Ethan so was a really nice way to get to know them better.  We put them in the "new" motorhome. Nice to have so many places to put people for sleeping.  Our two bedrooms in the house were still empty. 

Friday night we didn't get to bed until 1230 or so.  I had the alarm set for 0500 so I could get myself ready for the day on Saturday. We ended up enjoying coffee on the front porch as everyone awakened.  Then time for breakfast burritos for anyone that wanted them. 

After that some of them went for rides on the quads and Can Am.  That's what we have them for right?! 😀 At 1230 Ken picked up Isabel and Sophia so she could play with Owen. 

I loved it, when they saw each other it was like they play together every day! They had a blast! Later in the afternoon we went next door so Owen and Sophia could go swimming. No pictures, I forgot both my phone and camera..darn. 

Owen and Sophia!

Early afternoon some of us went into town to look at all the side by sides and trucks that were here for the Yerington 250  Last year it was in September, not sure if it's always Memorial Weekend of if they changed it.  Anyway, it was cool to see all the different race rigs. Really warm so we didn't stay too long.We ended up with quite the party Saturday night and it was a lot of fun.  John and Karen, Susan and Stacey, Isabel and Casey came over along with our gang.  Ken barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers for everyone (Thank you Linda) along with some store bought salads. No time to make homemade LOL. 

Quite the show downtown..they will race on Sunday!

I know where I'm getting my hair done this week! LOL...

Chelsea and Cassidy..

It was really nice for everyone to meet everyone and conversation flowed. We all enjoyed the fire for a 2nd night.  0100 Ken and I went to bed leaving Dusty and Ethan still up. 

Alarm set again for 0500. Linda, Bobby and I enjoyed some coffee on the porch and around 0730 Erin and Ethan were leaving heading for his new home in the Plymouth area of CA.  A little wine tasting was talked about too 😃🍷Lots of small wineries in that area! 

Ethan and his mom Erin
Ken and Lance
Kim and Lance

Pancakes, Bacon and eggs were wanted that morning so that's what they got! 🥞🥓🥚

Once that was done, everyone started getting ready to head home 😔 Linda, Bobby, Dusty and family were ready to leave around 0900 or so.  So those two vehicles took off.  

Kim and Lance were closer to 1100. We so enjoyed them coming out. We've been talking about it forever so glad it finally happened. Both of them really enjoyed the Can AM so possibly on their shopping list soon.  It would be fun to go riding with them, they'd just have to come out more often! 

A picture around the campfire!

Susan has been having some problems with the toilet in her motorhome. After Kim and Lance left Ken was able to help her out and it's all good now. 

Good bye Kim and Lance see you soon!

I cleaned up and washed all the bedding from the different beds. Thanks everyone for stripping the beds! 😊 Around 1500 I was finished so laid down on the bed to read my kindle.  Next thing I was taking a nap..never do I do that during the day! A short rest and I was ready to go again. 

We all had been invited to John and Karen's to celebrate John's birthday so about 1630 we headed over.  Karen was barbecuing corn on the cob and then steaks. What a feast!   A nice fire and home at midnight! Who would have thought..LOL. 

No setting of the alarm this morning so we were up by 0630.  We decided after breakfast to take a drive to Wilson Canyon and see how many campers were still there. 

Then we headed out to Walker River State Recreation Area to do the same. Yes, were nosey! LOL. 

Walker River State Recreation Area campground..fuller than we've ever seen it!
Loved these flags..American and 2nd amendment! Perfect!

We were home by 1230 or so. Ken had some stuff to do outside and change the oil in my car so I thought I'd get this blog going after a little cleaning. 

Seth, Holly, Mason and Seth's friend Justin went to San Francisco for the day..so i stole some pictures from Facebook.  The wedding is June 12th...coming so quickly! 

Seth and Holly..💗

Grandson Mason 💗

Mason Seth and his friend Justin
Seth and Mason
                                       Too cute to just pic one 💙💙

Lance at the top of the mountain! 

My sister Linda suffers from PAH..Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.  The altitude (4400) feet was really hard on her.  I am so grateful she made it and was able to stick it out the two days they were here.  She had to have her oxygen on quite a bit and never complained.  Love you my baby sister, it wouldn't have been the same without you! 💖💗💙 

Today is Tuesday, June 1st already! Going to be a scorcher today! Time to get the day going.  

We've got a short camping trip to CA, leaving on Friday and home on Monday with a camping wedding on Saturday! 


  1. What a GREAT weekend. Love your sign!! How fun to see all those off-road rigs, and I bet even more fun to drive them!! The best part is the sign in the window!! LOL

    1. We both knew you would like it!!!! haha. It was a wonderful weekend, just too short! Love the one my sister got me too!